Held at Calne Sports Centre, Calne
Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 at 19:00
1.            Present
Cliff Ball                      Chair                                       Wootton Bassett
Steve Spurlock           Vice-Chair                               Aquae Sulis
Serena Morten            Treasurer                                Calne
Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development               Devizes
Matt Stevens               Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes
Jenny Boorman          Child Protection Officer          Calne
Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary          Calne
Jorg Steimer                                                               Wootton Bassett
Matt Morten                                                                Calne
Chris Warren                                                               Olympiad
2.            Apologies
Paul Rainey                Secretary                                Olympiad
Richard Howells          League Secretary                   Wootton Bassett
Sue Brennand             Junior Development (Boys)    Melksham
John Bird                                                                     Salisbury
John Postance                                                            Salisbury
Hans Kaashoek                                                          Devizes
Baz Jenner                                                                  MOD Corsham
3.            Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the AGM, held on 29th August 2011, were accepted as a true account of the meeting, subject to the following amendments:
The WVA bank balance as at 29th August 2011 was £3,125.23
Bank balance to be reported at each meeting, the balance now stands at £3,105.23.
Clarification of rules: Player Short system; this applies per team, and means that 1 player may appear 8 times per season, or 4 players twice etc (i.e. overall total of 8)
Calne: Organised to enter junior tournaments throughout the season (amendment to club report)
Devizes have 1 set of spare posts, not 8 as stated.
4.            Matters Arising
No further trophies received, new ones are to be purchased as required.
Salisbury: Payments owed to WVA, this is still on-going.
Rules review (see correction to AGM minutes).
Marketing and Publicity Officer: No nominations or volunteers to date.
End of Season Presentation Evening: Calne, being the tournament organisers, to propose a date and format for the day/evening (preferred day is a Saturday). Most importantly the presentation evening should follow the end of season tournament.
Instead of a WVA Welcome Pack being produced it was felt that an overview of the WVA, including contact details should be added to the website, Cliff Ball to discuss with Richard Howells.
5.            WVA Mixed League 2011/12 Season
Proposal to commence league in last week of September (Sunday 25th)
Finalisation of fixtures: 17th September
Draft Fixtures:   3rd September
League Entries: 25th August
Teams Entering
Club / Team Name
Contact (Reserve)
Venue /
Match Night
(Warm Up / Play)
Hans Kaashoek (Matt Stevens)
20.30 / 20.45
Hans Kaashoek (Matt Stevens)
19.00 / 19.15
Wootton Bassett
Lime Kiln
Craig Broadhurst (Tbc)
20.30 / 20.45
Tbc (Tbc)
19.00 / 19.15
Olympiad SC
Chris Warren (Paul Rainey)
19.30 / 19.45
Calne SC
Matt Morten (Neil Bentley)
20.00 / 20.20
Serena Morten (Neil Bentley)
20.00 / 20.20
Serena Morten (Neil Bentley)
20.00 / 20.20
Note 1: As a contingency, fixtures may be played on a Friday
Note 2: Only one home match to be played on a Sunday evening
Venue tbc
Su Brennand
20.00 / 20.15
Aquae Sulis
Bath SC
Steve Spurlock
Other clubs who may enter the league are as follows:
MOD Corsham: Letter sent by Cliff Ball, laying out requirements to join the league. They have an excellent facility but currently only have temporary posts. It was stated that Devizes have a spare set of posts if required.
Erlestoke: They are interested in joining the league, however there are issues about under 18s being allowed in prison. It has been suggested to them that they read the WVA rules before deciding to enter. WVA teams were all in favour in principle, and were happy that both fixtures (home and away) could be played at the same time, or separately (for individual teams to decide).
Trowbridge: Mike Wedekind (Aquae Sulis) to confirm if they wish to join the league. It was also suggested that Trowbridge could supply players to help Aquae Sulis have sufficient players to enter the league.
If any new team does decide to join the league it was agreed they must start in Div 1, in accordance with WVA rules.
6.            Ladies & Junior League
Fixtures for Wootton Bassett ladies (SW League) to be released on 14th August.  Once SW fixtures are known the WVA league fixtures can be arranged (Sunday daytime is the preferred time for matches). When arranging fixtures, national training dates must be taken into account.
Fixtures to be arranged for one per month commencing in October, plus a Christmas Cup competition.
7.            Competitions
Calne VC is the competitions organisers (via Neil Bentley).
Pre-season: Provisionally arranged for Sunday 11th September, ideally to be held at Christie Miller (it was proposed this was booked through Su Brennand, who is able to obtain discount).
Registration of players: Team lists for the tournament are to be regarded as WVA registration (required for insurance purposes).
Action: Cliff Ball to review insurance requirements for competitions
Calne to liaise with Richard Howells to ensure dates are left free for competitions.
Format of cup competitions was unanimously agreed to be random draws.
It was proposed that Dave Kinder Cup entries to be made together with league entries.
It was proposed that that competition entry fees would be £30 per team.
8.            Junior Development
Sue Brennand to report at next meeting.
Calne team, plus two from Devizes and Melksham took part in the junior tournament held at Dorcan (Swindon) on Sunday 3rd July 2011, organised by Kelly Jones.
It was agreed it would be desirable to hold at least one junior tournament in the forthcoming season (possibly at the end of the season?). One of the Junior Development Organisers within the WVA to organise, in conjunction with Kelly Jones (Olympiad VC). The Junior Development Organisers within the WVA, not including the WVA Executive Members, are Andrew Wescombe (Calne VC), Su Brennand (Melksham VC) and Matt Stevens (Devizes VC).
9.            Mavericks Ladies
Still owed £230 for costs incurred during the playoffs which were hosted by Mavericks. Contact made with Jonathan Moore (EVA Competition Secretary) but to no avail. A letter is required form the WVA to a higher authority within the EVA (Matt Stevens to draft letter)
Fixtures received for next season; however of the 15 players from last season, only 4 players have definitely committed to playing, 4 are not playing and 7 have not yet replied. It is therefore likely that the Mavericks will withdraw from the league this season.
A suggestion was made that any Mavericks players who wish to play next season could consider playing with the Wootton Bassett SW ladies team, or the Wootton Bassett ladies could help to strengthen the Mavericks team to allow it to enter the league.
10.         Mavericks Men
5 players will play every week, 10 will play as often as possible and therefore a team has been entered into the SW League for which fixtures are due on August 13th. All home matches are to be played at Lavington School.
11.         Club Round Up
Playing outdoors during the summer (typically 8 players), indoor training commences in early September.
Playing outdoors in the summer, training commences on first Monday in September.
Wootton Bassett
Playing outdoors during the summer (typically 6 players). Training commences in the first week of September, with Robin Morris as the new coach and Phil Heads remaining as overall Club Coach.
Trained outdoors during the summer whenever possible, indoor training commences 1st September. The club has lost a significant number of players in the close season. After school club is to be run on Fridays. The Club has been awarded the ‘Team to Club’ designation by Volleyball England (offering a number of benefits, including half price EVA membership).
Aquae Sulis
Training stopped throughout the summer until a new (cheaper) training night could be arranged. Indoor training to commence on Monday 5th September (training was previously on a Tuesday) and will be a more structured session coached by Steve Spurlock.
(Reported by Cliff Ball on behalf of John Bird): 3 teams are to be entered into the leagues. Other clubs were reminded of the Salisbury tournament to be held on August 20th and 21st, and as yet no WVA clubs have entered. It was stated by other Club representatives that August is not the best time for tournaments due to the number of players away on holiday. A charity disco is being organised by John Bird, to be held in the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on Friday 30th September.
No report received.
12.         Any Other Business
Coaching Course: Level 1 course to be arranged by Kelly Jones in Swindon, date tba. Clubs asked to e-mail Matt Stevens with the names of those wishing to attend the course.
Clubmark: Matt Stevens announced that Devizes had received its Clubmark accreditation, which is awarded to clubs that run junior sections and demonstrate they are run in a friendly, helpful manner etc. Benefits of this scheme are that funding is available for junior development, however it was noted that any club seeking accreditation must have at least 2 qualified coaches.
13.         Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday 2nd November @ 19.00hrs, at the Calne Leisure Centre (date agreed post meeting).
            Minutes prepared by: Steve Spurlock
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