Held at Hare and Hound, Devizes

Wednesday, 6th April 2011 at 19:30


Start of meeting 19:30


1.    Present

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                       Wootton Bassett

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                Olympiad

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                Calne

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development               Devizes

Matt Stevens               Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Su Brennand               Junior Development (Boys)    Melksham

Jenny Boorman          Child Protection Officer          Calne

Richard Howells          Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Irwin Aikin                                                                   Wootton Bassett

John Bird                                                                     Salisbury

Steve Spurlock                                                           Aquae Sulis


2.    Apologies

Neil Bentley                                                                 Calne

John Postance                                                            Salisbury


3.    Minutes of previous meeting

Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 16th February 2011.


4.    Matters arising

a.    A.O.B.

                                1.    Cliff Ball stated that the “Role of honour” is still in progress.  Cliff has some details but not all.

ACTION – Trophies to be returned to Cliff Ball

b.    Competitions

                                1.    End of season tournament.

Rules to be kept the same as the league rules except where stated.

ACTION – Competition secretary provide exception rules at the End of Season completion.

c.    WVA Rules/ Constitution

                                1.    ACTION – Cliff Ball to send out the current constitution before.

d.    Treasurers Update

                                1.    ACTION – Clubs and Treasurer to check for player/ team registration fees are all paid.

e.    Child Welfare Update

                                1.    ACTION – Jenny Boorman to check what scope is acceptable for the CRB check.  E.g. club/ county/ region.


5.    Treasurers Update

a.    Since the last meeting, the accountancy package has been changed.  A single error in the records was found and corrected.

b.    The following clubs have monies owing for player registration:

                                1.    Calne                                 £11.00

                                2.    Olympiad                          £12.50

                                3.    Aquae Sulis                       £14.00

                                4.    Melksham – Need to check for Junior Player registrations and pay.

                                5.    Salisbury – Need to check for Junior Player registrations and pay.


6.    Child Welfare Update

a.    No incidences have been reported.

b.    For members of clubs who want to get CRB checked, it was suggested that they download the self declaration form from the Volleyball England website, fill it in and return to their club child welfare officer.

c.    Volleyball England will inform people that have previously been CRB checked when their 3 years are about to lapse.  This can however be quite close to the end of the period, so it is worth the individuals having their own reminder to ensure continuation of cover.

d.    It was recommended that all coaches and referees be CRB checked, even if the club does not currently have any junior players.


7.    Mixed League Update

a.    Informal congratulations go to Salisbury who look uncatchable in the Premier Division – unbeaten so far this year.

b.    Division 1 is between Salisbury Pagans and Wootton Bassett Bees.

c.    Broadly – the league has run reasonably smoothly.  I do have to nag a little to get clubs to enter results online, a very few score sheets have gone astray and never reached me.  In this inaugural season I have not made a serious attempt to enforce a time limit on online entry.  I’d like to develop the system so that a cut off time is enforced automatically and an automated email sent to the away club when home club has entered the result.

d.    The play-off is going ahead and an attempt should be made to play it before 9th May and definitely before the end of season tournament.


8.    Ladies and Junior League

a.    Report in appendix a.

b.    Everyone thanked Sarah (and Matt) for running the league this year.

c.    Medals were given at the Christmas Cup but there was no trophy.

d.    ACTION – Sarah to email the Treasurer with the monies taken/ spent for running the league.

e.    The league made a £50 profit over the season and asked if £30 could be used to replace the headline of the net that was used.  Everyone agreed to the buying of the headline.


9.    Competitions

a.    DK Cup:

                                1.    Both Semi Finals played. Olympiad beat Wootton Bassett A 3-0 and Devizes 6X Beat Devizes Barrels 3-0.

                                2.    The final is to be held on the 4th May at Christie Miller Leisure Centre from 19:00-21:00

b.    End of Season Tournament:

End of Season Tournament date set and hall booked. Christie Miller, Melksham, Sunday 22nd May 11:00-16:00 (maybe from 10:00) with entry fee of £30 per team.

c.    End of Season Presentation Evening:

                                1.    Date set and venue booked. Melksham Football Club, Sunday 22nd May from 18:00 (Venue open before 18:00)

                                2.    Irwin offered to run the raffle for the evening.  A budget of £100 was agreed.

                                3.    Entry for the evening was agreed at £6.

d.    Outstanding Trophies and Medal Awards:

                                1.    Cliff Ball went through the list of outstanding trophies to try and get them returned as soon as possible.

e.    Thanks were given to Devizes for running the competitions this year, especially for Matt and Hans.

10.  Junior Development And Competitions

a.    Junior Girls Update:

                                1.    Wiltshire Mavericks U16 Girls have qualified for the National Final. They finished top of their last 8s group and beat Boswells school in the Semi-Final (2-0) to secure a place in the final on the 17th April. Their opposition will be Tameside of Manchester. It will be a re-run of the 2009 U18s final between Mavericks and Tameside.

                                2.    Devizes U13 girls came runners-up in the South-West Junior Championships (Yasmin Kaashoek, Vicky Cooper, Lara x!)

                                3.    Jodie Amor, Robyn Sayers, Rachel Draper and Amy Godwin have all been selected for the U16 South-West Girls Regional squad. Edith Waterman and Yasmin Kaashoek have been selected for the U14s South-West Girls Regional Squad. The Inter-regional’s will take place over the bank holiday weekend of 30th April, 1st and 2nd May.

b.    Junior Boys Update:

                                1.    The Grand Prix are now finished with Calne and Melksham doing well and Devizes also doing well but had fewer teams than previous years.

                                2.    The regional talent program for the boys was generally held on Devon.  None of the WVA juniors have been selected.

                                3.    The squad for the inter-regionals has been selected in February after training sessions held on a monthly basis.  A south team will be made from the south west and south east regions for the UK School Games.  The process for next season’s selection will start again in September.

                                4.    Andrew Westcombe organised a friendly junior tournament with 6 teams from Calne and Melksham at the end of March.  He will try and get some more tournaments arranged in the next couple of weeks and invite other teams.


11.  Mavericks Ladies

a.    Wiltshire Mavericks finished 2nd in Division 3 West behind Team South Wales. Currently negotiating with Warwick and Portsmouth to set a date for the playoffs. Winner will get promotion to Division 2 South. Team has lost 2 matches all season. Date of the playoff might prevent the team from entering the SW Champs, but the main priority is ensuring all players are available to play in the playoffs.


12.  Club Round Up

a.    Devizes - South West team looking good to finish in the top 4 of the South-West league.  1st Team finished 2nd in the Wiltshire League.  2nd Team near the bottom of the premier table, but results could see them stay up.  3rd team in the lower half of the 1st Division but the players have progressed well over the season.

The Ladies and Junior event was always well attended by Devizes and we hope to continue this progression next season, having won the league this season.

The club is well aware that next season we will be losing at least 4 players and possibly up to 10 players due to University and players moving elsewhere for higher education/volleyball progression. We will certainly only be entering a maximum of 2 teams into the Wiltshire Mixed league next season and need to look at encouraging more people in the Devizes and surrounding villages to take up volleyball or else we will be stretched again next season in running two teams.

Matt Stevens has informed the club he will not be taking on the role of Wiltshire Competitions Officer next season. No one else within Devizes is willing to take this on. So after this season Devizes will be stepping down from this post to allow another club the opportunity to shape how the competitions are run in the county.

b.    Wootton Bassett – Are finally able to go back to their sports hall for training.  The teams have suffered due to the lack of training.

The B team have done very well this season in the league and the A team have done OK.  The focus has not been there due to the lack of training sessions.

c.    Melksham – Players are coming along to training.  The club have seen some new Polish and Nigerian player turn up but not all of them have stayed with the club.  The club are hoping to put a team into the mixed league next year but with some of the players on shift work, it may be difficult.

Juniors are going well as Sue Pierce is taking Volleyball at the school and then players are being fed into the club.

d.    Calne – Say they have a “Super” coach.  With this there has been an improvement in the standard of play.

Juniors are going well, with more members than seniors.

AGM set for 6th May.

e.    Olympiad – Numbers are still not too good with 4 - 6 players at most training nights.  The club has done well in matches both in the league and also getting to the Dave Kinder Cup final.

f.     Salisbury – Have had a good year for playing matches.  There have not been enough training sessions, especially since Christmas (only 2) due to the school hall being closed and matches but there are still more new starters.

20th/ 21st August will be the Salisbury Tournament – Links on the website.

g.    Aquae Sulis – 15 – 20 player turn up to training but find it difficult to get a team together for matches.  There is a core of female players but players for the mixed team are low.

The club can’t guarantee they will have a team in the WVA next season but will still affiliate and try and do something for the WVA.


13.  Rules Review

a.    The majority of the remaining rules were reviewed on the night.  It was agreed that Cliff Ball and Paul Rainey would try and finish the rules after the discussion and would provide the amended rules for viewing prior to the AGM.

14.  A.O.B.

a.    John Bird – Asked of the WVA would pay for courses.  It was mentioned that the WVA wouldn’t automatically pay as the benefit is to the club and not the WVA directly, but it was said that asking on a case by case basis could be done and a subsidy may possibly be available.

b.    Irwin Aikin – Suggested doing a mini beach tournament (4-a-side).  Suggested date was 7th May but would send out an email to judge response.  If there are 5 teams then it could be 5 hours of playing.

c.    Paul Rainey – Asked who is responsible for holding paperwork for the WVA.  It was stated that the Secretary should hold the information but the Chairperson would keep some as well.

d.    Jenny Boorman – Mentioned that there is a Women and Girls Sports and Physical Activities Week June 6th to 12th.

15.  Next meeting to be held 29th June 19:00 to 21:30 at Calne Sports Centre in the Meeting Room.

16.  The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and meeting closed 22:55

17.  Appendix


a.    Ladies and Juniors League Secretary report 6th April 2011


All the league matches have now been played.

The fixtures have been well supported by clubs with at least 4 teams in attendance and up to 6 teams playing in a few fixtures.


Congratulations to the winners, Devizes, who narrowly won the league with Wootton Bassett coming close runners-up. Both teams had won and lost the same amount of matches so the deciding factor was the number of complete sets won – Devizes won 16 complete sets to Wootton Bassett’s 14.

I believe medals for winners and runners-up will be presented at the end of season presentation evening.


I would also like to congratulate Calne for their improvement over the season; it has been great to see the juniors coming along in leaps and bounds. I expect great things next season!


I’d like to thank Matt, who helped me with organising venues and sorting out the order of play for the fixtures, especially the ones which had to be re-organised on the day.


Finally, thanks to all clubs who have entered teams into the fixtures this season and supported this league.




Final league table shown below:






Complete Sets Won

Unfinished Sets Won

Total Points

League position









Wootton Bassett

































Sarah Newstead and Matt Stevens

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