Held at The Hare & Hounds Pub, Devizes

Wednesday 9th September 2015 at 19:00


1.      Present:

Cliff opened the meeting and thanked those in attendance:

Cliff Ball (CB)                          Chair                                                   Calne Comets

Paul Escott (PE)                     Treasurer                                            Olympiad

Neil Bentley (NB)                    Junior Development Officer               Calne Comets

Matthew Stevens (MS)           League Secretary                               Devizes

Sarah Newstead (SN)                        Ladies Development Officer              Devizes

Richard Morten (RM)             Vice-Chair                                           Calne Comets

Phil Heads                                                                                           RW Bassett

Sophie Leonard                                                                                   Swinton

Matt Morten                                                                                        Calne Comets

Tamara Gibson                                                                                   Salisbury


2.    Apologies:

Jenny Boorman          Welfare Officer                                   Calne Comets

Steve Grimes              Outdoor Development Officer                        Devizes

Paul Rainey (PR)        Secretary                                            Olympiad

Irwin Aiken                                                                              RW Bassett

John Postance (JP)    Competitions Secretary                      Salisbury

David James                                                                           Erlestoke




Clubs to be fined for non-attendance.


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting:

    1. Minutes of General Meeting Tuesday 10th March 2015 accepted as a true account.


4.      Matters Arising:

a.    From WVA Gen meeting 10th March 2015:

5di. Clubs to confirm at next meeting who is DBS checked by VE, to be reported to Jenny Boorman. 

Matt Stevens to send list of club welfare officers.

                              i.        It was discussed how to ensure team/player payments are made in a timely fashion. League Secretary and Treasurer to work out a method to track payments.

                             ii.        AGM Updates

3a WVA documents to be uploaded.


5.      Executive Officers Reports:

a.    Chair – Cliff Ball:

Welcomed the new committee and wished all good luck for new season.


b.    Vice Chair – Richard Morten. No report.


c.    Secretary – Paul Rainey. No report.


d.    Treasurer – Paul Escott

                                          i.    Nothing to report at this stage of the season.

                                         ii.    New address form for cheque book to be counter-signed.

                                        iii.    Accounts will be moved on to electronic system.

                                       iv.    Treasurer needs his personal email address to be used, not work.


e.    Club Welfare – Jenny Boorman

No issues to report.


f.     WVA League – Matt Stevens

                                          i.    All clubs entered on time, one team less than last year (Calne Asteroids). Swinton may need to withdraw and will let WVA know soonest.

                                         ii.    Tammi (Salisbury) requested all league emails to go to her in addition to league reps.

                                        iii.    Fixtures have been published and any changes requested by 21st September. Any new teams would need to enter in the next ten days.

                                       iv.    Cliff issued score pads to club representatives except Erlestoke.

                                        v.    Matt (League Secretary) was thanked on behalf of the WVA Committee.

                                       vi.    Paul E (Treasurer) asked how fines are paid. Fines outstanding are £30 for Salisbury and £20 for Swinton.


g.    Ladies and Juniors – Sarah Newstead

                                          i.    Fixtures for L&J are included in the fixture list. First fixture is 24 Oct. Remaining dates are 24 Oct, 21 Nov, 12 Dec (Xmas Cup), 23 Jan, 6 Feb 12 Mar, 16 Apr (including Season Finale).

                                         ii.    Sarah to add the dates to the web page.

                                        iii.    Phil Heads thanks Sarah for good format.


h.    Competitions – John Postance (on behalf of Salisbury)

                                          i.    Pre Season Tournament. Four teams entered with a possibility of several further teams. Four teams required as minimum. Entries may have gone astray so John Postance requested to confirm entries. Cheques should be made out to WVA, electronic payment can also be used (sort code and a/c number on the league entry forms). Main trophies will be bought to the tournament for presentation.

                                         ii.    Dave Kinder Cup. Entries requested but nothing further yet.

                                        iii.    End of Season. Cliff advised to book a venue early.


i.      Junior Development – Neil Bentley

                                          i.    Not as far as would have like with preparations. In the process of organising U18 Men’s and Ladies teams entry into National Cup. Boys team to be coached by Phil Heads and girls team by Yorkie (Salisbury). There is some interest in U15/U16s. First SW Grand Prix is this weekend. No training sessions set but intend to plan.

                                         ii.    Matt Stevens said the hall at Lavington was available in the mornings of Mavericks home games.

                                        iii.    Contacting schools about a school competition.


j.      Outdoor Development – Steve Grimes

                              i.        Organised a couple of pairs tournaments and hopes to have a ‘final’ in September. Those that attended enjoyed the tournaments.

                             ii.        More notice was requested of dates.

                            iii.        Neil asked about junior champs but only one junior (Ben) turned up. Hope to improve next year.


k.    Mavericks Men’s & Ladies

                              i.        NVL - Steve Grimes:  Entered into Div3. Squad good size and training already held, coached by Steve.

                             ii.        Bath Wiltshire Mavericks Ladies – Matt Stevens:  First training already held but not many there. Monday nights training at Bath. Matches on Sundays, high level standard (Div 1).

                            iii.        SW Mens – No team this year but all fixtures completed last year.

                           iv.        SW Ladies (Mavericks Ladies):  Led by Karen York with approx. 10 players registered. Coached by Carly Lane. Entered in the Cardiff Open to test team! Any further players should contact Karen or Sarah.

                            v.        SW Ladies (RWC Ladies) Had a team in SW for 5 years and included players from Bath and Calne and continuing this season.




6.    WVA Club Summary Reports:

a.    Calne Comets – 2 teams in league. Train on Fridays with 18 on first session and 12 juniors.

b.    Royal Wootton Bassett – Trained last Sunday – no reason to believe any change in membership. 1 team in league. Enough ladies for SW league and L&J. 1 team in DK Cup. Thriving junior section.

c.    Olympiad –2 teams in the league, 1 in Pre Season, 1 in DK. 9 at training and trained through summer. Lost one to Uni and 2 new players.

d.    Devizes – 3 teams in the league –separate organisers. Only had 4 adults. George Longmore U 17s and Leighton Osbourne U16 England representation.

e.    Salisbury – Tammi new chair. 3 teams in league and 1 ladies team. Positive numbers at training. Training split into L&J (17) and Men’s similar. Coaching – Karen York, Tammi and John. Also Ben Noakes.

f.     Swinton – 2 regiments combined – enough around to play. Sophie due to leave army but hoping for replacement to take forward.

g.    Erlestoke – 1 team in league. In 1st Div but some teams have several juniors. Players can play down without penalty.


7.    AOB:

a.    New net rule (RM): Briefed on new net rule by RM. Summary to be sent to league secretary and link to video for web site. All clubs must be affiliated.

b.    New clubs/teams (CB): Chair would like to encourage new clubs including Fijians in Army, Swindon. Discussion followed on various options, including Go Spike, taster sessions and attending major events. RWB get lots of enquiries about casual vollleyball.

c.    SW meeting: CB would like another rep to attend 19 Sep.

d.    MS. Is money available for coaching courses? CB: £100 will be offered by WVA to assist with course expenses. Not automatic so must be approved.

e.    Tammi. Is there any interest in playing other counties?  Was well received but needs an organiser.

f.     MS to send out list of nominated reps. Also suggested sending minutes out to all registered players. Secretary to follow up.




8.    Date of Next WVA Meeting:  Wednesday 2nd December 2015 19:00. 

Venue: TBC (MS-Lavington)

Meeting closed 21:05


Actions Grid





Item no.




10 Mar 2015

5d i

Clubs to confirm at next meeting who is DBS checked by VE, to be reported to Jenny Boorman



10 Mar 2015

5d i

Matt Stevens to send list of club welfare officers.



09 Sep 2015

4a i

The League Secretary and the Treasurer will work out a method to track payments.



09 Sep 2015

4a ii

From AGM. WVA documents to be uploaded to web page. Revisit.



09 Sep 2015

5d ii

New address form for cheque book to be counter-signed.



09 Sep 2015

5d iv

Treasurer needs his personal email address to be used, not work.



09 Sep 2015

5g ii

Dates for Ladies and Juniors to be added to web page.



09 Sep 2015

5h iii

End of Season Tournament advised to booked early.



09 Sep 2015

5i ii

The hall at Lavington is available for use on the mornings of a Mavericks Ladies home game. Book via Matt.



09 Sep 2015

5k iv/v

Female player wishing to train/play with SW League squads should contact Karen York for Mavericks and Phil Heads for RWB



09 Sep 2015


Summary of new net rule to be sent to League Secretary, including link to training video.



09 Sep 2015


League secretary to send out the list of nominated club reps.



09 Sep 2015


MS suggested minutes should be sent to all registered players. Secretary to follow up.








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