This season’s league has for the most part run reasonably well except for the supply of results tables.
As league secretary I managed to supply the fixtures in a timely fashion, giving all clubs ample time to check their fixtures, only to have Westbury Volleyball Club drop out. This took the number of teams from 17 down to 15 which then required all of the fixtures and the leagues to be rearranged after the distribution of the fixture list. New fixtures were supplied to Richard Morten to add the dates as I went on holiday prior to finishing the rearrangement. Thanks must go to Richard for putting dates next to the fixtures and getting the league under way.
The Premier Division and Division 1 both ran smoothly throughout the season, but there were some issues with Division 2. By mid season it was getting clear that Intel, who managed to put 2 teams in to the league, were having difficulties fulfilling their fixtures as 2 separate teams. A decision was made between Richard Morten (Co-Chairperson) and me that to keep the 2nd Division going we would allow Intel to continue their fixtures with mixed teams. Towards the end of the season it became clear that Intel would be unable to keep either of their teams going, so, both Intel teams were removed from the league leaving 3 teams. It was felt that it would be unfair on teams that had played more matches against Intel to be penalised, as the scores for the missed matches would be 25-0 for all sets.
Obviously the league can not function in its current format with 6 teams in the Premier and 1st Divisions and only 3 in the 2nd Division. There have been indications that there may be some new teams next year, so it will be up to the league secretary next year to select the best format for the coming season.
Finally I would like to thank everyone for their patience with me this year as I seem to have been a bit slow in getting the tables out!
Paul Rainey
League Secretary
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