Held at The Three Crowns Pub, Chippenham

Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at 19:00


1.      Present:

Cliff opened the meeting and thanked those in attendance:

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                                   Calne Comets

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                            Calne Comets

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                            Olympiad

Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary and

                                    Junior Development Officer               Calne Comets

Matthew Stevens        League Secretary                               Devizes

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development Officer              Devizes

James Daniell                                                                         RW Bassett

Lorna Friis                                                                               Olympiad

Chris Warren                                                                           Olympiad

Tony Cant                                                                               Erlestoke


2.    Apologies:

John Postance            Vice-Chair                                           Salisbury

Steve Grimes              NVL Team Mgr                                   Devizes

Jenny Boorman          Welfare Officer                                   Calne Comets

James Morten             South-West Team Mgr                       Calne Comets

Irwin Aiken                  Beach Development Officer              RW Bassett

Robin Stephens                                                                      Swinton

John Bird                                                                                 Salisbury

David James                                                                           Erlestoke

Mark Grigg                                                                              RW Bassett




Swinton Engineers (Tidworth) NB:  New club unaware of meeting therefore no fine.


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting:

    1. Minutes of General Meeting Wednesday 10th September 2014 accepted as a true account.


4.      Matters Arising:

a.    From WVA Gen meeting 5th March 2014:

5a        There has not been any further information regarding insurance cover or disclaimers for local beach events.

ACTION – Irwin to chase once again.

5c        Irwin noted that the difficulty in making a bid for funding (£10k is available from Sport England) is dependent on catering for new players and their development.  .

ACTION – Cliff to follow up at a ‘Swindon Sports Forum’ meeting to be held shortly. and send details out.

5d        Volleyballs have still not been returned from Kelly Jones/Swindon.

ACTION – Cliff to discuss with KJ.

    1. From WVA AGM 4th June 2014:

4e        There are some clubs who need to confirm the contact details of their Welfare Officer to Jenny.

Tony Cant + 2 others from Erlestoke.

ACTION – Erlestoke and Swinton to send details to Jenny.

ACTION – Jenny to chase!

7a        Committee/constitutional documents are to be placed onto the website; outstanding item.

ACTION – Cliff to liaise with Richard Howells.

7b        An important reminder that all clubs need to be affiliated each season to Volleyball England.

ACTION – Cliff to confirm Salisbury's affiliation.

7g        Bonus point discussion actioned and to be revisited in March.  Emails to be sent to away club when home team have entered results.  This process should be online in January.

ACTION – Richard Howells to confirm functionality implemented.


c.    From WVA Gen meeting 10th December 2014:

5f ii      DBS is not needed for everyone at an event (e.g. Ladies & Juniors) if they are not with the juniors day in, day out.  (e.g. refs)

5i iii      Irwin paid from the ‘beach kitty’ a donation to Derry Hill Football Club.



5.      Executive Officers Reports:

a.    Chair – Cliff Ball:

See appendix A for report – to be attached.

b.    Vice Chair – John Postance - No report was submitted.  Consideration required at re-election of officers (Salisbury committed to running the competitions next season.

c.    Treasurer – Serena Morten

                              i.        See appendix B for report – to be attached.

                             ii.        Pre-Season competition made a loss of ~£80 and getting the court at Melksham was problematic.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to confirm date of Cardiff competition as this conflicted with the Pre-Season Tournament.

d.    Club Welfare – Jenny Boorman

                              i.        Current Club Welfare Officers are:

Calne – Tom Morten

Devizes – Sarah Newstead

Erlestoke – N/A via David James U18 not permitted onto premises)

Olympiad – Steve Wigley

RWB – Kathryn Broadhurst

Salisbury – Karen Locke

ACTION – Jenny to chase confirmation of Club welfare officers and their own and current members’ statuses regarding holders of CRB/DBS.

e.    WVA League – Matt Stevens

                              i.        The league is running well.  So far, only 1 match has had to be rearranged.  All other matches have had no issues including player registratiuon, playing down or refs.  Matches are also being confirmed early which is an improvement on last season.

                             ii.        1 club Volleyball England registration needs confirming.

                            iii.        There is a suggestion that the club affiliation number is added to the WVA team registration form.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to add club VE affiliation number to club registration form to be used by next season's League Secretary.

f.     Ladies and Juniors League – Sarah Newstead (presented by Matt Stevens in Sarah Newstead’s absence)

                              i.         See appendix C for report – to be attached.

                             ii.        Next fixture to be held 13/12 (Christmas Cup).  Medals to be presented at the End Of Season presentation evening.

                            iii.        More players welcome.

ACTION – All clubs to promote!

g.    Competitions – Neil Bentley (on behalf of Calne Comets)

                              i.        Pre-season Tournament:  Only two teams entered and Olympiad beat Calne 3:1

                             ii.        Dave Kinder Cup:  Only 8 teams entered.  Matches ar to be played by end of December (but there have been 2 matches confirmed as being played in January).  The final is to be played in Calne during April.  As less teams are entering the cup, should the rules of players being "cup tied" be changed.

ACTION – Consider adding a discussion of players being "cup tied" to the AGM.

                            iii.        End of Season Tournament/Presentation Evening:  Considering 16th May but will be organised in the new year.

h.    Junior Development – Neil Bentley

                              i.        Due to other commitments, not much has been organised.

                             ii.        Looking at a mini grand prix hopefully in February to be organised by Matt Stevens and Neil Bentley.

                            iii.        There is hope to organise a local tournament but nothing has been sorted out yet.

                           iv.         Trying to get some extra training for juniors.  this could possibly be done after the Ladies and Juniors days or after National League single headers.

i.      Beach Development – Irwin Aiken

                              i.        Playing beach in the county last year was quiet.  Hoping to do more outdoor events this coming summer.  When there is a calendar of events, this shopuld be sent to Matt Stevens for distribution by email.

ACTION – Irwin Aiken to provide Matt Stevens a calendar of events to distribution by email.

j.      Mavericks Mens & Ladies

                              i.        NVL - Steve Grimes (Devizes):  Paul Rainey reported that there are good numbers at training.  Currently 2nd in the league.  In the cup 1st round the team was drawn against Wessex who were currently leaders in the super 8 league.

                             ii.        Bath Mavericks Ladies – Matt Stevens:  The team is doing really well..  There are currently 12 at training on Mondays with a couple from Devizes, Olympiad.  There are 11 registered players.  The team has currently played 9 matches, of which they have lost 2 matches 3:2.  The team is currently top of the league (but this maybe due to playing more games).  The standard of the team is high and want to play to the highest level possible.  With that in mind, they have to win the league or come second and win the play off to go up.

                            iii.        SWL - James Morten-Scott (Calne Comets):  James is injured but is still running the team.  Have currently had a 3:1 and 3:2 loss at home (which was played at Salisbury this time).  It was re-iterated that anyone could play and that the south west training is every other Tuesday.


6.    WVA Club Summary Reports:

a.    Erlestoke – Have only managed 3 training sessions in 6 months due to being short staffed.  Things are looking better for next year.  There are 550 people on site but still struggle to get 12 players at times.  Looking at doing a taster session next year and could do with a ref course at Erlestoke.

b.    Royal Wootton Bassett – 1 men's team and there are enough ladies and juniors.  The South West team has had close matches with half of the team being juniors.

c.    Calne Comets – Running 3 teams plus ladies training  with high teens and adults low teens.

d.    Olympiad – 2 teams in the leagues and cup with 1 team playing the pre-season.  Both teams doing reasonably well in the league and there have been 10 plus at all training sessions which have been coached by Chris Warren.

e.    Devizes – Supporting 3 teams in the league and 1 - 2 teams in the Ladies and Juniors.  The number of 1st/ 2nd team players at training are low due to some of them training with the Mavericks (the last training had 2 adults).  A couple of new members have joined.

f.     Salisbury/ Swinton – Provided no report


7.    AOB:

a.    WVA Subsidies – Coach & Referees Courses (See previous mention:  5cii)  Reminder that £20 is available for each newly qualified referee (up to 3 claims per club) once they have refereed 2 WVA league matches.  There is the possibility for up to £100 costs to be made available for coaching course from the WVA, but this must be requested from the WVA committee and be approved.

b.    Reminder Affiliations – Previously mentioned in the minutes.

c.    WVA Logo – It was asked what logos we have for the WVA and if we want to change it.  The idea being to try and get more publicity for Wiltshire Volleyball.  There was a suggestion that some posters could be generated and also do some event around the county promoting volleyball.  It was also mentioned that clubs should respond to any emails sent to the club in a timely fashion as people can lose interest if they don't get a response.

d.    Matt Stevens - Asked if anything could be done to try and get all clubs to attend the meetings (e.g cover fuel/ food costs).

e.    Sarah Newstead - Nominated Matt Stevens as a "secret hero" and was in the last 14 for south and was on BBC Wiltshire.  Well done.

f.     Serena Morten - There is a whole section in the "Safeguarding" area of the Volleyball England website regarding their child protection policy.  In the section there are forms that each club should hold.


8.    Date of Next WVA General Meeting:  Tuesday 10th March 2015 @1900. 

Venue Hare & Hounds Public House, Devizes

Meeting closed 21:05

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