Held at Devizes, Hare and Hounds Public House

Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 19:00

1.      Present

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                                   Calne  

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                            Olympiad

Matthew Stevens        League Secretary                               Devizes

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development   Scribe              Devizes

Mark Grigg                                                                              R.W.Bassett

Matt Morten                                                                            Calne

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                            Calne

Jenny Boorman          Child Welfare Officer                          Calne

Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary                      Calne


2.    Apologies

Hans Kaashoek          NVL Team                                          Devizes

Steve Grimes              NVL team                                            Devizes

David James                                                                           Erlestoke

Irwin Aiken                  Beach Development                           R.W.Bassett

John Postance                                                                        Salisbury

John Bird                                                                                 Salisbury

Jorg Steimer                                                                           R.W.Bassett

Richard Morten                                                                       Calne

James Morten             South-West Team                               Calne



Salisbury Volleyball Club

Erlestoke Volleyball Club


Cliff Ball thanked everyone at the meeting for turning up.


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

a.      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the previous Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 4th September 2013


4.      Matters Arising

From meeting 4/12/13

a.    Beach Development Officer was to look at insurance cover at events.  It was suggested that people sign a disclosure to say they play at own risk.

ACTION – IA to contact Volleyball England about insurance at events.

From AGM 12/6/13

b.    WVA League Report.

                                          i.    It was discussed if the SWVA fixture format was a viable solution for entering fixture results.  The WVA fixture results system has better functionality but the user interface is not as user friendly.  The SWVA system was deemed as not feasible for use with the WVA leagues.

                                         ii.    It was also commented on that Richard Howells is actively supporting updates and the use of the website.

c.    Junior Development.  Matt Stevens has organised some training for Juniors but Cliff Ball has not had much success with finding someone to take on the role of Junior development officer.

ACTION – Cliff Ball to contact all clubs for continuation of junior training and tournament organisation.  Matt Stevens to provide club contacts to Neil Bentley.fghdfrgth

d.    Irwin Aiken mentioned that  there is funding available for equipment and facilities.  £10k is available from Sport England.  The applicants would have to show there is regular training and competitions with at least 14 players.  It was asked if this could be done as an association.

ACTION – Irwin Aiken to pass on info regarding funding.hjdjfghj

e.    It was discussed about The Bath team coming under the Maverick banner.  It has been confirmed the team is now called Bath Mavericks but the name change was too late to have the printed fixtures altered.


Executive Officers Reports

5.      Vice Chair Report - No report provided.

6.      Treasurers Report.

a.    All clubs have been notified of outstanding debts.  These fees must be paid bfore Christmas.

b.    See appendix A for report


7.      Child Welfare Report.

a.    There have been no incidents to report regarding child safety since the previous meeting.

b.    There has been no confirmation from any club regarding change/ name of their CWO.

c.    The CRB checks need to be completed with Volleyball England and last 3 years.

ACTION – Jenny Boorman to collect CWO's names and contact details from each club including renewal dates.

ACTION – Cliff Ball to talk to Kelly Jones regarding Swindon's CWO, training and inclusion in the WVA  as the club still has balls from the WVA.

d.    If anyone is applying for CRB checking, then the scope of the check should be for Wiltshire Volleyball rather than just the  club to make it as flexible as possible.


8.      WVA League Report.

a.    Everyone thanked Matt for his efforts in taking over the league secretaries job and getting the league under way, especially with all of the changes.

b.    The structure of the league changed quite a bit with Devizes entering a 3rd team.

c.    Division 1 had to have a reschedule of fixtures part way into the  season due to Melksham pulling out of the league and Olympiad entering a second team.  Olympiad were able to take over the fixtures but some dates had to be rearranged.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to update the website for Melksham/ Olympiad fixtures.

d.    4 matches had to be postponed, of which 3 matches have been claimed by the opposition.

e.    There seemed to be a miss understanding on the rules regarding the player short system and hence there has been an amnesty regarding some of the issues this has caused.  Essentially players can only play down if there are not enough players from the lower team to fulfil the match.  There can be only 8 uses of this rule during the season and a maximum of 2 players can play down in any 1 match.

f.     Also a player can play up as much as they want.

g.    It was requested that teams use the player registration numbers and they should be on the scoresheet or supplied with the scoresheet  as this helps with the player short approval.  It is in the rules that this should be provided.

ACTION – Clubs to use/ supply WVA registration numbers for all matches.

h.    1 club has been fined for non-supply of scoresheet after a number of reminders and 6 weeks and 1 team has been penalised for non-registration of a player.

i.      Currently Matt has a backlog of emails regarding the website fixture entry system which will be sorted shortly.

j.      Currently Wellington are not on the website for fixtures and do not have a match ball.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to set up Wellington on the website for results entry.

k.    Due to the nature of the team from Erlestoke under 18's are not allowed to play.  This will cause a number of teams in division 1 an issue as they are made up of primarily junior players (there are at least 3 teams that this will affect).

A vote was held to determine the playing/ forfeiting of the games affected:

a.    The team that is unable to get sufficient players will forfeit the match.

b.    Erlestoke will forfeit the match.

c.    The club is allowed to get a team together from any registered players within the club (if there are insufficient players for the team in question) without being penalised for using the player short system (the match will not affect the number of uses of the player short system).

The vote was unanimous for option (c).

l.      Salisbury have had to rearrange 2 fixtures due to the hall being closed unexpectedly.

m.   It was raised that the number of teams in each league is a bit imbalanced and the question was asked as to what would be done for next season.  People thought it would be a good idea to balance the leagues but it was still worth playing the play off at the end of the season to allow for the choice to use it (but it would not be guaranteed).  Matt suggested that it would be easier to plan for next season if clubs would be able to indicate how many teams they are likely to have.

ACTION – Clubs to provide indication of how many teams they are likely to register for next season at the next meeting (5/3/14).

n.    Fixtures must be played by a fixed date.  If a match cannot be played by this date, the team that cancelled the original match will lose the fixture.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to provide the date by which all fixtures must be played.

ACTION – Clubs to check they have 2 fixtures with all teams in their leagues.


9.      Ladies and Juniors Report.

a.    Previously the medals and hire of venue has all been paid for out of the entry fees.  Due to the lower turnout  so far this season, there might be a deficit.  It was agreed that the WVA would pay for the difference at the end of the season.

b.    See appendix B for report


10.   Competitions Report.

Neil Bentley reported on behalf of Calne –

a.    Pre Season Tournament - Was played but the attendance was low.  It was mentioned that if there are fewer than 4 teams entering it is financially not worth running the vent.  Royal Wootton Bassett beat Devizes in the higher tournament and Trowbridge beat Calne in the lower tournament.  The format was changed so that each team played each other twice but for a shorter game.  This format was well received.  Next seasons pre season tournament venue has been booked - Christie Miller on 21/9/14.

b.    Dave Kinder Cup - There are only 8 teams entered this year which is the lowest it has been for a number of years.  This may be due to internal club communication not  passing the information on to all members in a timely fashion.  As there are only 8 teams, there are less rounds required and hence the first round fixtures are to be played by the end of January.

ACTION – Clubs -  Once dates are confirmed, could clubs pass on this information to the competitions organiser.

c.    End Of Season Tournament/ Presentation Evening has not been arranged yet.

ACTION – Richard Morten to look at venues for the End of Season and also look into the cost of a barn dance.


Junior Development

11.   Matt Stevens was asked if he would mind being the Interim Junior Development Officer until a new officer can be voted in.  Jenny Boorman proposed the motion, Mark Grigg seconded it and Matt was voted in unanimously.


12.   Junior Development Boys.

a.    There are some boys from Swindon, Devizes and Calne going to regional training.


13.   Junior Development Girls.

a.    There have been a number of girls attending the SW regional training from Calne, Devizes and Royal Wootton Bassett.

b.    2 girls have played in a Bristol Development Tournament.

c.    There has been an attempt to run training sessions after the Ladies and Juniors events.  This is possible but it does need some extra support.

d.    There are some teams being represented at the Junior Grand Prix.


14.   Beach Development Report.

a.    No report was supplied.



15.   National League Mens

a.    There have been 4 fixtures so far and the team has won 3 matches and lost 5 with 10 matches to play in 2014.

b.    There have been combined training sessions about every fortnight with the South West  team.   It has been well attended.  Next training session is 11/12 at Lavington School 20:00.


16.   South West League Mens

a.    The SW team has been able to fulfil all of its 4 fixtures but is a little behind on its admin.  This has been due to technical issues as well as poor communications on both the SW league side and the Mavericks side.  The club has been fined but this will be resolved shortly.


17.    National League Ladies (Bath Mavericks)

a.    The team is playing in division 2 but is struggling after being promoted last season.

b.    So far the team has won 1 and lost 6 (of which 3 were lost 3:2).

c.    The numbers are from 4/5 to over 12, finances are OK and all fixtures are being fulfilled.

d.    There has been a high turnover of players (lost 2 England players), but there are 6/7 players that are playing that come from Wiltshire.


18.   Club Round Up

a.    Devizes - Have 3 teams in the mixed league, 1 in the junior and ladies league, and 2 in the cup.  Training and league matches going well, but with some of the 1st team players training for Mavericks, they don't always turn up to Devizes training.  There are normally more than 12 juniors at training and more than 24 seniors, but this can go down to 8!

b.    Calne - Stable but had low numbers at the beginning of the season.  With the low numbers finances were an issue, but with now having more players, this is no longer an issue.  There are 3 teams in the leagues which are fulfilling nearly all of their fixtures.  The number of juniors is a bit low but is improving.

c.    Olympiad - First 2 training sessions only 3/4 people turned up.  Thanks to players  from Trowbridge for coming to training and playing with Olympiad.  With the extra players it has been great to get a second team in the league.  This has given the club the opportunity  to give everyone some much needed match time.  The influx of new players has also help fill out the roles in the committee with new faces.

d.    Royal Wootton Bassett - Training is popular and the club is struggling to find enough hours to give everyone enough training.  This issue is made worse as the matches are played on the training nights.

e.    Salisbury - Now have three coaches (1x head and 2 x assistant coaches).  Nine new members have turned up within the last two months.  Training has been extended by an extra hour (7-10pm).  The club is now also playing in the New Hampshire League.  The club finances have now been sorted and players now pay by standing order.  There is now a role of junior development officer within the club to try and boost the numbers in the club.

f.     Erlestoke and Wellington provided no reports.


19.   AOB

    1. Salisbury Volleyball Club - have requested that there be some referee courses set up within the WVA as they have 5 people who would like to attend.
    2. Cliff Ball - It has been noticed that not all clubs have team kit for everyone.  Some help may be needed for Wellington.
    3. Neil Bentley has managed to get some reports into the Gazette and Herald Paper.  If clubs want match reports or other items put in the paper, they should contact him.
    4. A member of Royal Wootton Bassett has recently been interviewed on BBC Wiltshire.
    5. Serena Morten asked for clubs owing money to pay as soon as possible.
    6. Salisbury, Erlestoke and Wellington to be fined £10 each for non-attendance to the meeting.


20.   Date of Next Meeting –Wednesday 5th March 2014

21.   Meeting closed 21:10

22.   Appendix A

WVA Treasurers Report

Wednesday 4th December 2013

Previous balance 4th September 2013   £2865.15

Balance stands at £3,535.95

Last Bank statement (26th NOVEMBER 2013)   £3,199.93

Cash                                                                              £33.52  

Cheques/payments -not cleared                             £302.50  

Total                                                                        £3,535.95      

Outstanding payments

Wootton Bassett League entry/ Registrations

Wellington College League entry/Registrations/goodwill deposit

Olympiad -league entry team 2

Serena Morten

23.   Appendix A

Ladies and Juniors league report – December 2013


So far this year 2 fixtures have been played - one in October and one in November, with three and four teams attending respectively.

The current league table is as follows:



Matches Played

Matches Won

Matches Lost

Complete Sets Won

Incomplete Sets Won

Total Points

League Position









Royal Wootton Bassett

























Unless team numbers or participants increase during the upcoming fixtures the league will unfortunately be running at a loss.

Please encourage as many people to attend the fixtures as possible from your clubs. I realise there have been clashes with other events but this has so far been unavoidable.

I was hoping more juniors would be attending this season due to The Wellington Academy playing in the mixed league. It may be worth advertising the L&J league (with handouts) to the players themselves at the academy so they are aware of the fixtures.


Medals have not been procured as yet for any of the L&J events, as there has not been enough money to purchase them. Would the WVA be able to fund the purchase of medals for the Christmas Cup, the league and the Season Finale? All medals will be presented at the presentation evening, at the end of this season, to encourage attendance at this event.


Thank you to all the participants from all clubs in Wiltshire who keep this league going.



WVA Ladies development officer


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