Held at Calne Sports Centre, Calne

Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 at 19:00



1.      Present

Cliff Ball                                  Chair                                       Calne

Paul Rainey                            Secretary                                Olympiad

Serena Morten                        Treasurer                                Calne

Sarah Newstead                     Ladies Development               Devizes

Matt Stevens                           Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Su Brennand                           Junior Development (Boys)    Melksham

Jenny Boorman                      Child Protection Officer          Calne

Steve Spurlock                       Vice Chair                               Aquae Sulis

Dave Woolrich                                                                                    Salisbury

Neil Bentley                                                                             Calne

Kelly Jones                                                                             Swindon

Rob Lewis                                                                               Erlestoke


2.      Apologies

Richard Howells                      Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Hans Kaashoek                                                                      Devizes

Matt Morten                                                                            Calne


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 3rd August 2011.


4.      Matters Arising

a.      Cliff Ball is sorting out the trophies and giving them to the relevant people/ clubs.

b.      Salisbury owes £4 for 2 juniors from last season.

c.      Competitions insurance to be discussed later.


5.      WVA Mixed League Progress

a.      League is running OK.   There have been a couple of disruptions to the entry of the results onto the web that were outside the control of the league secretary.  If there are any issues the clubs should inform the league secretary.

b.      It is the clubs responsibility to put the results on to the web (1 week after match played for the home team and 2 weeks for the away team) or the bonus points will be lost.

c.      Entry of the match officials/ man of the match scores are not operational.  Any old scores prior to this part of the entry system working will be filled in retrospectively.

d.      Action – Matt Stevens to liaise with Richard Howells for a diary for clubs.

e.      Action – WVA events to be put on the web


6.      Ladies & Junior League

a.      Report in appendix a.

b.      Registration can be done with a list of players (including club) on the day.


7.      Competitions

Report in appendix b.


8.      Junior Development

a.      There has been 1 grand prix so far this year at Weston-super-Mare with players from Swindon, Calne, Devizes and Melksham.  The meet is on 3rd December.

b.      26th November is the under 15’s at Christie Miller which is 6-a-side girls/ boys.

c.      Due to the Olympics the school games will be early.

d.      The first boy’s regional training had 31 turn up.  The next one on 12th/ 13th November is on at the same time as the Cadet training.

e.      A satellite Grand Prix is to be held in Swindon, which is open to all clubs.  The points awarded will be half those awarded at a normal Grand Prix.


9.      Mavericks Ladies

a.      Unfortunately due to a lack of players willing to commit to playing national league this season there is no longer a Mavericks Ladies team.

b.      The club is still awaiting playoff costs from back in May 2011 to be reimbursed by Warwick (£85) and Portsmouth (£97).  Volleyball England has even reduced the amount each club had to pay, even though this was the Mavericks outgoings for hosting. The Mavericks have had to take travelling costs from both teams out of the money owed as well.

c.      I have taken this up with Jonathan Moore (VE) and now Paul Bohannan (President of the Competitions Commission) but have still not received the money after 5 months and numerous e-mails and phone calls.

d.      Matt Stevens has taken up the role of coaching Bath University on Tuesday evenings and coaches their national league ladies. He is looking into developing a link back to the WVA and the university as there is an abundance of players wanting match time at the university.

e.      Still owed £230 for costs incurred during the playoffs which were hosted by Mavericks.  Contact made with Jonathan Moore (EVA Competition Secretary) but to no avail.  A letter is required form the WVA to a higher authority within the EVA (Matt Stevens to draft letter)

f.       Fixtures received for next season; however of the 15 players from last season, only 4 players have definitely committed to playing, 4 are not playing and 7 have not yet replied.  It is therefore likely that the Mavericks will withdraw from the league this season.

g.      A suggestion was made that any Mavericks players who wish to play next season could consider playing with the Wootton Bassett SW ladies team, or the Wootton Bassett ladies could help to strengthen the Mavericks team to allow it to enter the league.

h.      Action – Cliff Ball to send follow up email to Volleyball England regarding reimbursement.


10.   Mavericks Men

The team has played 6 games so far and won all of them.  The team does not train, though the individuals do train at their own clubs.  All players (~15) are enjoying playing South West League.


11.   Treasurers Report

a.      The Account currently has just over £3500.

b.      Olympiad and Calne owe some money.

c.      Approximately £150 is due in but there will be money going out to pay for the replacement trophies and engraving

d.      Action – Matt Stevens to try and get good will money back from the SWVA.


12.  Child Welfare Officers Report

a.      No reported issues.

b.      CRB checks with VE are required every 2 – 3 years.  It was commented that it is worth checking on when renewal is required as VE give very short notice.


13.   Club Round Up

a.      Aquae Sulis – Training on a Monday.  Stable numbers and money with 14 turning up each week.  New players turning up (mainly ladies).  Aiming to get to the EOS tournament.

b.      Olympiad – Training going OK but numbers are still on the low side. 

c.      Calne – Training going well.  Have a couple of new players.  Struggled for players in the first match due to 2 teams playing.  Played the pre season and in the Dave Kinder Cup.  The club has around 17 juniors currently and needs to concentrate on bringing them in to the senior matches.

d.      Devizes – See appendix c.

e.      Salisbury – The club has lost a couple of players but has gained some juniors.  The Druids are a bit light on players but this is being covered by the Pagans.  One of their players Pav broke their arm, which required an operation.   The WVA wish Pav a speedy recovery.

Action – Salisbury to confirm match times.

f.       Melksham – Last year there were only 4 – 5 seniors turning up to training on a Sunday from 8 – 10.  Training is now 7:30 – 9:30 and 12 – 14 turn up with Su and Alan coaching.  Juniors are still on a Tuesday 7 – 8 with around 10 showing up.

g.      Erlestoke – Have around 10 players made up from staff and in mates.  Extra staff are required to run the volleyball and hence there is not much time to train.  The focus for playing is more based on the attitude of the player rather than ability.  Other teams turning up for matches are required to have a photo ID and be at least 18.  As players may be searched, bring as little as possible (mobiles/ scissors etc should not be taken in).

h.      Wootton Bassett – Not present.

14.   AOB

a.       Trowbridge – Mike is coaching on a Saturday morning and may enter a team next season.  There is a possibility of entering in the End of Season with Aquae Sulis.

b.      MOD Corsham – Looking into availability/ installing kit/ posts.  Hoping to have this sorted this season to try and get some interest and training in the hope of entering a team next year.

c.      Rules (registration) – All clubs must be affiliated to VE before playing.  Suggested rule change to make players club tied regarding Pre-Season and Ladies and Juniors.

Action – Cliff Ball to send email suggesting rule change.

It was suggested that new teams may enter the End-Of-Season Tournament if agreed by the executive committee as well as paying for player/ team entry.

d.      Swindon Juniors – Kelly is employed by the council and currently has approximately 250 kids playing but with no club set up as there is no money to set up the club.  Currently they are playing at Ridgeway for £20 for 2 hours and they pay £2.50 each.  10 weeks are being paid by the council but after they are not paying.  Some funds are available through the schools child support (like school dinners).  VE have not provided any help.  It was agreed unanimously that the VE affiliation would be through the Mavericks (Club name) with the team having a name including Swindon.  The club also needs balls and the WVA agreed that 2 bags of 6 balls up to a maximum of £130 would be paid by the WVA.

e.      Lavington School – The hall is owned by the school but the kit is owned by Devizes Club.  To stop the possibility of damage to the kit, the post bolts are removed and stored separately.  If a club requires the use of the volleyball equipment, a request should be sent at least 1 week in advance to Matt Stevens (email or text) and will cost £10.

Action – Matt Stevens to send an email.

f.       VE Insurance – Does not cover personal injury only critical injury and death.  If personal cover is required, this should be taken out separately and normally the cover start 6 weeks after informing the insurance company (must ready the small print)  Affiliation to VE gives £5M liability cover, entry into VE competitions, discounts and registry of contacts.

g.      Player Safety – Coaches should always be ware of safety issues especially at the net and feet not going under.

h.      Cliff Ball presented a trophy to Salisbury Volleyball Club.

i.        Cliff Ball reminded everyone that a representative from each club should be at all meetings.


15.   Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 25th January @ 19.00 at the Calne Leisure Centre.



Appendix A.

Ladies and Juniors Report

The WVA ladies and juniors season kicked off on 23rd October, with 4 WVA teams in attendance. The quality of volleyball was of a high standard and it was very enjoyable taking part. I have now updated the ladies and juniors web page; you can find all the information such as fixture dates, results and the current league table on there.

Devizes now have links with Bath University and are encouraging some of the ladies to attend the Ladies and Juniors fixtures; 2 players attended at the last fixture. If any other clubs have links with other clubs/ players I would like to encourage you to let them know about the ladies and juniors league, the more people and teams that turn up the better!

Current league table as of 2/11/11: 





Complete Sets Won

Unfinished Sets Won

Total Points

League Position

Wootton Bassett








Salisbury Bluestones
























 The next fixture is on 13th November.

Appendix B.

Competitions Secretary's Report

Start-of-season tournament

The start-of-season tournament was held on 11 September at the Christie Miller Sports Centre in Melksham. Only four teams (from Devizes, Calne and Melksham) entered. Due to the disappointing number of entries the tournament was shortened in order to keep costs down. The format used was a round-robin where all the teams played each other in a league with the top two teams playing a three-set final to determine the winner of the Shield and the other two teams playing a final to determine the winner of the Plate.

The results of the finals were Devizes beat Calne Comets 2-0 to win the Shield while Calne beat Melksham to win the Plate.

From a financial perspective, each team paid £30 to enter and the cost of the hiring the hall was £96.40, so there is a small profit to pay for the prizes to be presented at the annual awards.

There was one issue raised regarding the entries. I had stipulated that teams should register their players with the league secretary. I believe all the players who took part have been registered with the league but the question was raised about whether this was necessary and does that tie the players to the team that they played for at the tournament. Since the teams are not necessarily the same as the teams in the league, this did cause some confusion and it may be necessary for insurance purposes but I need to check that with Volleyball England.

Dave Kinder

Ten teams have entered the Dave Kinder Knock-out Cup. This means that only four teams will play in the first round with the remainder (Olympiad, Melksham, Devizes 6X, both teams from Calne and Wootton Bassett Bees) given a bye. The draw was carried out after the league match between Olympiad and Wootton Bassett Aces and the two matches are Aces v. Erlestoke and Druids v. Pagans.

Salisbury have already notified me that they intend to play the match between their two teams in December. I have not yet had confirmation of when the other match will be played.

I would like to propose that the next round (of eight teams) is completed by the middle of February, the semi-finals by the end of March with the final being played just after Easter (middle of April).

End-of-season tournament

Nothing has yet been done to start the planning of the end-of-season tournament.

Appendix C

Devizes Club Round Up

Since last season we have had sixteen players leave the club, mostly moving on to further their education at University or 6th form colleges away from Wiltshire. Five players have decided to give up volleyball to concentrate on other sports or are just too busy with work and family commitments. However we have gained three new members and are working hard to increase our visibility as a club.


The club has a successful pre-season tournament, entering one team and eventually beating Calne in the final. The league season has been going well, winning some and losing some. Our main concern is Sunday evening matches with the number of juniors in our second team and other regional volleyball events happening at weekends, we have already struggled to fulfil our commitments.


Thanks must go to Calne in allowing us to re-arrange one of our matches against them due to it being half term and Devizes not being able to put out a team. A new date has been agreed and communicated to the league secretary.


The club has entered one team into the National Cup U18 Ladies competition and are participating in the Junior Mini Grand Prix throughout the season.


Yasmin Kaashoek (12) and Edith Waterman (13) have been invited along to England South U16 girls training and we have 6 juniors participating in regional volleyball training once a month between the ages of 11 and 14.


Jodie Amor, Robyn Sayers and Rachel Draper all participated in the UK School Games in September getting a bronze medal (finishing 3rd). Jodie and Robyn were part of the 1st 6 on court with Rachel being frequently used as a substitute.


Sarah Newstead has been selected to score in the Para Olympics



  • Not received any emails re: anyone in Wiltshire wanting to attend a coaching course.  
  • Not heard of any progress in regards to a level 1 course in Wiltshire / Swindon.

Registrations for L&J league

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