Held at Devizes, Hare and Hounds Public House

Wednesday 10th April 2013 at 19:00

1.      Present

Irwin Aiken                  Beach Development   Stand in Chair R.W.Bassett

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development   Scribe              Devizes

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                            Calne

Su Brennand               Junior Development (Boys)                Melksham

Jenny Boorman          Child Welfare Officer                          Calne

Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary                      Calne

James Morten             South-West Team                               Calne

Hans Kaashoek          NVL Team                                          Devizes

Jorg Steimer                                                                           R.W.Bassett

Richard Morten                                                                       Calne


2.    Apologies

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                                   Calne  

Steve Grimes              NVL team                                            Devizes

Matthew Stevens        Junior Development (Girls)                Devizes

Richard Howells          League Secretary                               R.W.Bassett

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                            Olympiad



Salisbury Volleyball Club

Olympiad Volleyball Club

Erlestoke Volleyball Club


IA read out Cliff’s apologies about being unable to make the meeting.

HK commented that the attendance at the meeting was good and that we didn’t have to rely on Cliff being here for the meeting to take place.


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

a.      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the previous Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 30th January 2013


4.      Matters Arising

a.      Previous action for league secretary to add bonus point column onto league table. RH has added bonus point column onto fixtures table but a total of bonus points awarded on the league table would be beneficial to compare points ‘won’ and bonus points accrued. ACTION – league secretary to add column onto league table if possible.

b.      Website issues/suggested improvements:

·         Could there be a single page for player registrations? The lists are fragmented in different pages and can be a challenge to find. ACTION – League secretary to see if it is possible to have one registration list next season.

·         Could a link to the SW region volleyball website be added to WVA website? ACTION - RH to add SWVA website link ( onto WVA website

·         There was a consensus that the WVA website is difficult to navigate and not very user friendly. The SWVA website seemed a better format and easier to use. Is there a possibility of changing over to this format?       

c.    Contact for WVA communications – It is a general consensus that

messages from the WVA are not getting through to players within clubs.  CB suggested that there should be a WVA representative for each club (and the contact details should be added to the list of contacts which is sent out at the beginning of each year) who would disseminate information to club players. If this does not work then there was a suggestion of making sure all players are registered by completing a registration form of name and contact details with a disclaimer of ‘would/would not like to receive volleyball related e-mails. ACTION – all clubs to nominate a WVA rep from their club.

d.    Communication – is crucial within the WVA from committee to club member

·   All fixtures or links to fixtures of WVA, SW and NVL matches (where Wiltshire teams are involved) and junior fixtures should be available on the WVA website for all to see

·   JM mentioned there is a Wiltshire Mavericks Facebook page but does not know who the contact is for that. SN suggested Luke Wiltshire may have set it up a while ago.



5.      Treasurers Report.

a.    SM presented her report – see Appendix A for account details.


6.      Child Welfare Report.

a.    JB reported that there had not been any issues regarding child safety since the previous meeting.

b.    She believed that she knew of all CWOs from each club apart from Olympiad, but will check this. ACTION – JB to ensure she has been informed who the CWOs are from the WVA clubs

c.    SM informed JB that Tom Morten from Calne had attended the courses and was cleared for child protection. She also recommended that WVA subsidise members to attend these courses.

d.    Coaches and CWOs– need to be CRB checked through VE and have been on child protection/safeguarding courses

Any club member can be CRB checked through VE

The child protection /safeguarding courses are free of charge as is CRB checking thorough VE.

CRB checking has a quick turn around



7.      WVA League Report.

a.    No report submitted


b.    NB asked what was happening about a match which, due to a number of reasons, led to none of the players of the Calne team being registered before the match. There was an appeal however nothing more has been said about the penalty to the club because of this. ACTION – CB and RH to discuss and communicate any decisions with Calne club.


8.      Ladies and Juniors Report.

a.    See Appendix A for report


9.      Competitions Report.

NB reported on behalf of Calne –

a.    DK cup - Semi-finals have now been played, finalists are Devizes 6X vs Royal Wootton Bassett Aces – Salisbury and Olympiad are to organise the refereeing team for the final. The final needs to be played before the end of season tournament – date needs agreeing between teams.

b.    EOS - RM reported that the closing date for this is the end of April followed by the presentation evening being held at the Pilot in Melksham   



10.   Junior Development and Competitions.

a.    Junior boys – SB reported

·         Following WVA junior development meeting SB and MS were actioned to find out how many juniors there are in the WVA clubs and the ages of the juniors (U18s). So far only 2 clubs had replied to SB. Training sessions were discussed and there was the option of either training once a month before L&J league or rotate once a month around the WVA clubs.

·         Boys within WVA have been selected to represent the SW at the Inter-regional tournament (IRT) in Kettering in May for both age groups (U15s and U17s).

·         SW boys entered into the Exeter challenge tournament as a warm up for IRT


b.    Junior girls – SN reported on behalf of MS

·         Wiltshire Maverick U15 girls through to the finals in Kettering in May

·         Some girls played in World youth games

·         Training with South, England Cadets and Juniors, several selected for SW IRC


c.    Junior development summary

·   No communication between WVA clubs about junior attendance

·   Wiltshire Mavericks junior squads not recognised or known by some WVA clubs

·   Mavericks junior training needs to be held once a month

o   Before L&J training

o   Held at the WVA clubs – rotate club every month

·   Junior indoor tournament

o   23rd June, Ridgeway school, Swindon

·   Please can all clubs reply to SB e-mail asking about junior attendance at your club


11.   Beach Development Report.

a.    IA reported – he sent out a calendar of event of the summer which included grass and beach tournaments

b.    IA is hoping to run the following within Wiltshire:

·   1st June – Juniors beach tournament – 4-a-side – Coate water

·   2nd June – King/Queen of the beach tournament – Coate water

·   30th June – Mixed new-comers to beach (indoor players)  - Coate water

·   Beach league throughout the Summer months (June, July and August) – Coate water or grass league with finals at Salisbury Volleyball Tournament

IA was advised to advertise the summer events at the EOS tournament to get interest.

There was a concern over insurance cover. ACTION – IA to look into insurance cover for these events.

RM mentioned that any events involving the age group 14-25 may get financial help from VE as that is where their funding is going this year.

JM suggested that the WVA hold a Summer BBQ or picnic open day with volleyball. Details not set but all thought this was a good idea.


12.   Mavericks Men

a.    NVL men – report given by HK in the absence of SG

·   Final fixture single-header on 14th April, if they win they will finish 2nd in Div 3 and will be promoted. The team do not wish to be promoted to Div 3

·   Next season SG hopes to run fornightly training sessions combined with the SW mavericks men, possibly on a Weds night (when no WVA clubs train)

·   Many thanks go to SG for organising the NVL squad, buying in kit and driving to the matches.

b.    SW men – report by JM

·   Mavericks finished 2nd from bottom (league table in appendix)

·   Was supposed to be a development squad but numbers were low and had to call on NVL players for several matches as the team was short of players

·   Next season – every WVA club to nominate players to play in the SW – this would be to develop younger players and anyone wanting to play volleyball at a higher level than local league

RM suggested encouraging players to play for their county in a Wiltshire Mavericks team by giving out certificates by WVA to those who have played for the team over the season (NVL and SW).

The SW squad were down £90 and were ‘sponsored’ by Matt Morten. MM will help JM next season sorting out the W. Mavs SW team

JM advised to hand out fliers about the SW league at the EOS tournament.


RM advised that VE were looking at centralising venues within the NVL so teams would not have to drive to extremes for matches. This is predominantly Div 3


13.   Club Round Up

This was kept very brief due to the meeting over-running


a.    Corsham- struggling with numbers but training was still carrying on, they will not be entering into the WVA league next season

b.    Calne – no issues

c.    Devizes – good numbers at training

d.    RWB – ladies train on a different night to the men so JS unsure how they are getting on, training going well


14.   AOB

RM - EOS fliers have been e-mailed out

Presentation evening – limited tickets

IA reminded everyone to bring back the trophies they won last year and give them the CB who will present them at this years presentation evening.


15.   Date of Next Meeting – WVA AGM Wednesday 12th June 2013


Meeting action grid




Completion date

League secretary - RH

Add column onto league table indicating bonus points accrued if possible

During season break

League secretary - RH

Look at the possibility of having one registration list on the website


During season break

League secretary - RH

Add SWVA website link ( onto WVA website

During season break

All clubs

Nominate a WVA rep from their club

Beginning of next season


Ensure she has been informed who the CWOs are/will be from all WVA clubs


Chair and league secretary - CB and RH

Discuss the issue with unregistered players during match (Calne)


Before the end of season

Beach development officer - IA

Look into insurance cover for outdoor Summer events

Before any summer events take place



Appendix A – Treasurer’s accounts


Appendix B - Ladies and Juniors league report


Since the last committee meeting 5 fixtures have been played, with at least 4 teams in attendance up to 6 teams on one occasion.

The L&J webpage on the WVA website is now up-to-date with the current results from the fixtures and league table (see table below).

There has been noted development within some teams throughout the season and I am really pleased with the way everyone has pulled together when some teams were short of players.

I would like to thank everyone who has turned up to support this league and I ask all club representatives to make sure all their relevant club members know about these fixtures and try to encourage more people to come along.

I would also like to thank Matt Stevens for his help with hall bookings and helping sorting out the playing schedules for the fixtures.

The final fixture of the season is on Saturday 27th April at Lavington School Sports Hall starting at 10:45.

Please try and enter a team from your club to help support this league and finish the season off on a high!


Appendix C – Men’s SW league final standings


Appendix D – NVL Men’s Div 3 South final standings


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