Held at Calne Sports Centre, Calne

Wednesday, 25th January 2012 at 19:00


1.      Present

Cliff Ball                                  Chair                                       Calne

Paul Rainey                            Secretary                                Olympiad

Serena Morten                        Treasurer                                Calne

Sarah Newstead                     Ladies Development               Devizes

Matt Stevens                           Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Jenny Boorman                      Child Protection Officer          Calne

Steve Spurlock                       Vice Chair                               Aquae Sulis

Mike Wedekind                                                                       Aquae Sulis

Neil Bentley                                                                             Calne

Matt Vanstone                                                                         Erlestoke

Jorg Steimer                                                                           Wootton Bassett


2.      Apologies

Richard Howells                      Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Hans Kaashoek                                                                      Devizes

Matt Morten                                                                            Calne

Kelly Jones                                                                             Swindon

John Bird                                                                                 Salisbury


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

a.      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 2nd November 2011.

b.      It was suggested that any actions should be made more visible in the minutes.

c.      It was noted that the apology for Jorg Steimer not attending the previous meeting was not minuted.


4.      Matters Arising

a.      Matt Stevens to liaise with Richard Howells for a diary for clubs

Action – Matt Stevens to follow up with Richard Howells to get links added to the WVA website that link in to the pages on the clubs websites that show club events.

b.      WVA events to be put on the web.

Action – Matt Stevens to work with Richard Howells to get links for junior fixture dates added to the website.

c.      Payment received for reimbursement from Volleyball England for Maverick Ladies.

d.      Good will money not received back from the SWVA.

Action – Matt Stevens to try and get good will money back from the SWVA.

e.      It was requested that Salisbury provide match times to clubs.

Action – Salisbury to confirm match times.

f.       Rules (registration) – All clubs must be affiliated to VE before playing.  Suggested rule change to make players club tied regarding Pre-Season and Ladies and Juniors

Action – Cliff Ball to send email suggesting rule change.



5.      Ladies & Junior League

a.      Report in appendix a.

b.      There is a possibility that a fixture could be run in April.

c.      It was noted that if there were only 2 teams the fixture would not be run.

d.      If 3 teams played, it was agreed that the WVA would subsidise the fixture by £5 - £10 if the event was run at a loss.

e.      The age of juniors was clarified as that they are classed as under 16 if they are 16 within the school year.


6.      Competitions

a.      The second round for the Dave Kinder Cup was drawn in Calne at the beginning of January.

b.      All matches will be played in January.

c.      Currently working on dates for the Dave Kinder Cup final and the End of Season Tournament.

d.      Suggested date for the End of Season Tournament is 19th May.

e.      It was suggested that a junior tournament could be held and people are keen to do one, but nothing has been organised yet.

Action – Competition Secretary to suggest a format for the junior tournament.

f.       John Postance is organising a year 10/11 competition for schools with Wiltshire County Council.  He is looking at minis wit 3-a-side.


7.      WVA Mixed League Progress

a.      The league appears to be running smoothly.

b.      There have been a few instances where clubs have changed the match dates but it is believed not to be having an effect on the league on the whole.  If the clubs are able to agree new dates then there is minimal need of interference from the league secretary.

c.      Clubs were reminded that the home team must enter the results within a week of the fixture and the away team must check the results within 2 weeks of the fixture to ensure they get their bonus points.  Some teams have lost their points.

d.      Away teams trying to approve their results when the home team has not entered them will have their bonus points re-applied manually as long as the away team has informed the league secretary before the end of the 2 week window.

Action – Richard Howells to look into sending an email confirmation to the away team to inform them of the results having been entered.


8.      Junior Development

a.      The girls regional squad has had their funding pulled for this season.  The South West have committed to cover the shortfall for 1 session per month.

b.      U14 and U16 girls squads. U15 and U17 boys squads.

c.      1 girl from Calne, 7 girls from Devizes and one from Swindon have attended the Girls training.

d.      The regional tournament is currently set for the Jubilee weekend.

e.      2 girls (aged 12, 13) from Devizes are training for the under 16’s England South and are doing quite well.


9.      Mavericks Ladies

The costs incurred during the playoffs which were hosted by Mavericks have now been refunded by Volleyball England rather than the clubs that played.


10.   Mavericks Men

a.      The team has played 8 games so far and won 7.

b.      A report has been requested to be supplied by the club if a member cannot attend.


11.   Treasurers Report

a.      The Account currently has just over £3554.67.

b.      1 club is required to pay registrations

c.      Any new players need to be paid by clubs

d.      HSBC bank in Calne is closing.  The closest branch will be Chippenham.  If this is too inconvenient then the bank may be changed.

e.      Approximately £150 is due in but there will be money going out to pay for the replacement trophies and engraving

f.       Action – Matt Stevens to try and get good will money back from the SWVA.


12.  Child Welfare Officers Report

No reported issues.


13.   Club Round Up

a.      Aquae Sulis – Training is going well on the Monday evenings.  There are normally more than 12 people turning up.  There are some foreign players turning up to the training that are interested in playing friendly matches.  It was discussed that it may be possible to do a friendly tournament at Erlestoke with 3/ 4 teams playing.  It was suggested that it might be worth doing in April with it being held at the weekend.  Clubs would need to register including player lists.

b.       Olympiad – Training going OK.  There are a couple of players out with injuries.  The club has lost 1 player, gained another and one has come back to the club after being away.  The hall was closed after the New Year but the letter informing that it was shut didn’t make it to the club.  The hall is also closed on 6th February which required that match against Salisbury Druids to be rearranged. 

c.      Calne – The club is entered into all WVA tournaments.  The club tried to enter into the South West minis but missed the deadline whereas other teams that missed the deadline were allowed to play.  The mixed league has been slightly disappointing.  The club was pleased with the turnout after the Christmas break as 24 turned up for the first session.

d.      Trowbridge – The club had their AGM at the beginning of Jan.  They are keen to have friendlies, with one possibly on 18th February at Trowbridge Leisure Centre.  The club is keen to get into the Whitfield tournament and is keen to get a little bit of coaching, say 15 minutes/ month.

e.      Devizes – See appendix b.

f.       Salisbury – Not present.

g.      Melksham – Not present.

h.      Erlestoke – First time in the league for a lot of people.  The club is hoping to do a number of friendlies with them being held preferably on the weekend but could be held 18:00 to 19:40 in the evenings.  All the players are really keen and would like to put more teams into the league.  The club is getting new posts and also looking at trying to get an outside court set up.

i.        Wootton Bassett – Doing well in both leagues.  The club is healthy with the ladies doing lots.  The Sunday trainings are mainly men.

14.   AOB

a.      There is sand available for Beach volleyball courts.  Irwin Aiken sent through an expression of interest for updating the court at Cote Water, a second court and fixed posts.  It was suggested that Irwin could be a beach development officer for the WVA next year and would be willing to accept ideas.  It was suggested that maybe a summer beach league might be possible.  Everyone thanked Irwin for applying for the courts and unofficially taking on the role of beach development officer.

b.      Kelly Jones from Swindon volleyball thanked the WVA for the supply of balls to the club.

c.      Insurance – It was suggested that a copy of the group insurance policy be attached to the minutes of the meeting as an appendix.  As the file is a pdf, appendix c will be a separate attachment in the email.

Action – Link to the Volleyball England website insurance page to be added to the WVA site.

d.      There is a SWVA meeting at Weston-Super-Mare on 4th February from 10: to 14:00 which Cliff Ball cannot make.  Transport would be paid.  It was asked if someone could go to represent the WVA in Cliff’s place.


15.   Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 7th March @ 19.30 at Salisbury Auction/Livestock Centre/Market, Salisbury Road, Netherhampton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 8RH.



Appendix A.

Ladies and Juniors Report

Since November there has only been one fixture – last Saturday (21st January). This doubled up as the Christmas Cup as the original date for Cup in December was cancelled due to low entry numbers.


Three teams entered this fixture – Salisbury, Calne and Devizes. Other teams such as Wootton Bassett and Swindon had trouble generating a team. This was due to a SW match the next day and people having to work on the Saturday. As we get more teams on a Sunday we are looking at the dates for the next two fixtures to see if they can be changed to a Sunday if they aren’t already.


Christmas Cup 


Scoring for the Christmas Cup was slightly different to the league. 2 sets were played first to 25 and second to 15. 2 points were awarded for winning a set and 1 point was awarded for a team if they had half the amount of points at the end of a set. Each team played each other twice. We thought this schedule was fair and allowed as much volleyball to take place as possible. The results were as follows:



















Christmas Cup WINNERS


























3rd place


Unfortunately I forgot to take the medals with me to the fixture and these will now have to be presented at the End of Season Presentation evening. Sorry about that!


Appendix B

Devizes Club Round Up

·       Doing ok, Moved from 3 teams to 2 teams in mixed league

·       Really struggling with adult numbers for 2nd team

·       Having to ask 13 year olds to participate in some matches

·       3 new adult club members have come onboard since the start of the season. We have lost 7 adult members and 9 16-18yr old members.

·       After school club at Lavington School increasing in numbers. Have picked up 8 New Year 7 (11-12yr olds) this season after a assembly presentation

·       U18 girls undefeated in 1st round of national cup, beating Academy of Beach Sports and Lancing College.

·       U18 girls lost to Ashcombe and Wessex in the 2nd round of the national cup. With one 12yr old and one 13yr old on court all the time. Lost 23-25, 22-25 to Wessex

·       Two girls training with the England South U16s squad (Yasmin Kaashoek 12, Edith Waterman 13)

·       Combined Devizes / Swindon U15 boys team competed in the SW U15 championships. Team mainly made up of U13s played well and won a set out of 3(?) matches

·       Devizes U17 girls were runners up in the SW U17 Women Championships.

·       Sarah Newstead is enrolled on coaching course

·       Devizes Ladies and junior team finished runners up in the Christmas cup to Salisbury. Team contained 4 U13 boys. They are 2nd overall in the Ladies and junior league

·       Have 5-6 U14 girls attending SW regional squad training regularly per month

·       Continue to support the SW Junior Grand Prix with 2-5 teams entering from the club per tournament.

·       Would like to look into organising a junior ‘Grand Prix’ tournament in Wiltshire in partnership with the Wiltshire clubs. I believe with Swindon, Melksham (Both club and School), Calne, Devizes and possible Salisbury all with juniors U15 this could be achievable. Anyone willing to help co-ordinate this with Devizes?


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