2007/8 AGM Minutes
Calne Sports Centre
Tuesday 24th June 2008-07-07
1 Present
Richard Morton – Calne/Chair
Richard Howells – Wootton Bassett
Matt Stevens – Devizes
Serena Morton – Calne/Treasurer
Paul Goddard – Aquae Sulis
Jacky Kaskow – Mavericks
Dave Riddle – Salisbury
Paul Rainey - Olympiad
2 Apologies
Melksham – Su Brennand
Wootton Bassett – Cliff Ball
Salisbury – Lynsay Scratchley
3 Minutes of Previous Meeting
            Outstanding Points from Previous Meetings
The Job Description for the role of Chairman is still outstanding
A meeting last year discussed a proposed local amendment to the rules relating to touching the court centre line when going under the net. The proposal was rejected.
Medals owing to Devizes from the pre-season tournament 06/07 are still outstanding. These will be presented at this season’s presentation evening.
Richard Morton will chase up goodwill deposits paid by the WVA for teams competing in the South West Leagues. We now have three fewer teams yet we have not had this money refunded.
CRB Checks. Clubs and coaches are reminded that ALL coaches MUST be CRB checked by Volleyball England. A CRB check had for some other purpose DOES NOT QUALIFY. Referees are reminded that referees SHOULD be similarly CRB checked by Volleyball England.
Lavington School
Devizes applied for a lottery grant towards the installation of equipment at Lavington school. A grant of £1800 was approved. Post, net, etc are there and should be available for use. It is not yet known what arrangements will be to obtain access.
4 Matters Arising
5 Executive Officers Reports
Mixed League Secretary – Paul Rainey
The leagues did run successfully this season. There were some problems with the collapse of Westbury Volleyball club resulting in the fixture list having to be redrawn. There were further problems with a team being placed in the wrong division, resulting in the fixture list having to be redrawn a second time. During the season the teams from Intel were severely impacted by some redundancies and eventually withdrawn from the results as they were unable to fulfil their fixtures.
It is not clear how many teams will be available for next season’s leagues.
A vote of thanks went to Paul for running the leagues this season.
Junior Development Officer – Su Brennand/Matt Stevens
A vote of thanks went to Su and Matt for their excellent work with the juniors in Wiltshire
The Mavericks junior sessions are reaching capacity. At the moment they operate an ‘open door’ policy. This is likely to be reviewed.
Ladies Development – Lynsay Scratchley
There was no ladies development report submitted. It is clear that the ladies/juniors league continued to function. Some preferences were expressed for a simpler playing/scoring system next season.
A vote of thanks went to Lynsay Scratchley for her work in running the ladies league.
Competitions Secretary – Richard Morten
Report attached
There have been problems in recent years with the execution of the Dave Kinder Cup and especially in obtaining a venue and an agreeable date for the final. Currently it is presumed that the Dave Kinder Cup final will take place at a neutral venue. This means that the venue cannot be determined until the finalists are known. This also causes problems with arranging the date because of the short notice. The meeting decided that next season’s competitions secretary should have the discretion to abandon the neutral venue requirement. It was suggested that the secretary might simply pick a venue and date at the start of the competition. That venue might be rotated by choosing the normal venue of the previous year’s losing finalists.
Matt and Serena will become the new signatories for the WVA Bank Account
All forms that require payment to the WVA should now say PAYMENT TO SERENA for everything. Last year’s split responsibilities resulted in a number of payments going to the wrong person.
It was agreed that Westbury Volleyball Club should have goodwill deposits for two teams returned.
A vote of thanks went to Serena for doing a great job as treasurer.
Publicity Officer
Matt has resigned from the post of publicity office as he is unable to give it adequate time. In January the WVA web site was taken off-line. It had become badly out of date and we seen as a poor advertisement for the WVA.

Report attached

A vote of thanks went to Richard Morten for his efforts as chairman and his contribution (so far – he’s not dead yet) to Volleyball in Wiltshire.
6 Club Reporta
Aquae Sulis
Benefited by picking up players from Westbury. Won the league this season. A good year.
Faced with the possible loss of their sports centre Calne moved to train and play at Lackam. Numbers dropped. Now, back in Calne, numbers have increased again. Junior training runs on Fridays before the adults arrive and a number of the stronger juniors stay on for (some of) the adults session.
Hoping they might be able to enter three teams in the league this season.
School link with Devizes is being formalized. A youngsters coaching session is held on Monday afternoons at Devizes.
Next season Devizes will have four teams and will use two training session per week.
Match nights to be Thursday
There are two new qualified coaches and a new committee. Devizes school is running a ‘Camp Xtra’ Session. Devizes VC is providing a volleyball coach for 5 days of the event.
Melksham – no report
The second team struggled for numbers this season. Olympiad will be poaying outdoors until August.
The club struggled for a regular coach this season. They hope to try to get threee teams into the leagues this season. Investigating a possible venue change to the Godolphin School. There are costs involved and no decision has been made yet.
Please support Salisbury’s tournament on 5/6 July 2008.
Playing outdoors for the summer.
Wootton Bassett
The Lime Kiln Centre is replacing the Volleyball Equipment in the sports centre. Currently playing outside for the summer. Supported the Swindon Challenge by organizing the Beach Volleyball at Coate Water
Mavericks Ladies
Juniors - From 20 registered players only one was able to play all of the matches. With the lack of consistency within the team they eventually finished bottom of their division.
Seniors – there was strong commitment from the players. With a consistent squad and a coaches target to come 4th in the division they eventually came fifth. Now losing two players to University.
Mavericks Men
Beaten only by one team (twice) all season. Went to the SW Championships. National Division 3 West next season. New home venue to be the Olympiad Centre. New floor markings are being put down in the sports hall. Next season team selection is likely to be by invitation only.
7 Election of Officers
Chair – no nominations were received. The WVA cannot function without a chairperson. Please consider what you might be able to do freom within your own club to support this vital role.
Competitions Secretary – Wootton Bassett VBC
League Secretary – Paul Goddard
Web Site Manager – Richard Howells

It was planned to hold a Presentation Evening and Friendly Tournament on Sunday 13th July.  This subsequently had to be cancelled.

9 Date of Next Meeting
 The date of the next meeting was not set
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