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21/08/2011 15:31

Here is my current thinking for 2011/2012.

We look to have 14, possibly 15 teams.  Devizes have lost a lot of players and are reducing to two teams in the leagues.  It makes sense for them to withdraw one of their Prem teams.  They will not have the playing strength to run two Prem division sides.  On that basis I intend to rebalance the leagues by promoting Bassett Bees to the Prem division.

The provisional divisions are:


Salisbury Druids
Salisbury Pagans
Devizes 6X
Wootton Bassett Aces
Wootton Bassett Bees
Calne Comets

Div 1

Devizes Barrels
Calne Meteorites
Calne Asteroids
Salisbury Warlocks
Aquae Sulis
Trowbridge (Not confirmed)

Dates - there was a lot of interest in starting the leagues on Sunday 25th September.  To do that we will need to hit the following dates:

Close league entries: 28August (NEXT WEEK!)

Publish Draft Fixtures: 4 September

Close fixture changes: 18 September

Publish final fixtures and start: 25 September

It's been suggested to deliberately allow some weeks with no matches scheduled so that teams can play Dave Kinder Cup matches in those gaps.  I will aim to do that.

Immediate Action:

I need you to:

  • Confirm the teams you'll enter in the Leagues for this season
  • Tell me anything special I need to know (like we DO/DO NOT want double headers).
  • Confirm the home match night, with warm up and start times
  • Confirm the team contact - with email, home, and mobile numbers
  • Confirm the emergency contact - email, home and mobile numbers

There is probably a load I have forgotten, plese tell me where I have gone wrong.  Do all shout at once!  Do use the forum so that everyone can see your replies. EXCEPTION Do not post personal contact information via the forum.  That's too public.

- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
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22/08/2011 22:04

Calne DO NOT want double headers. Our home match night is Sunday, although we will consider playing Calne v Calne games on a Friday if there are no free Sunday evenings.

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23/08/2011 17:11

Devizes - 2 teams for the Wilts mixed league - Devizes 6x (1st Team), Devizes Barrels (2nd team).

Home matches = Double headers on Thursdays. 2nd team match warmup time 19:00, start time 19:15. 1st team warm up time 20:30 start time 20:45.

Team contacts as per last season. Hans Kaashoek and Matt Stevens for both teams. Contact numbers and emails will be sent via email to R. Howells along with dates that we cannot do.

Cheers Matt


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31/08/2011 09:04

I discovered yesterday that Aquae Sulis and Trowbridge will not enter the leagues this season.

I had intended to rebalance the divisions by promoting Wootton Bassett Bees to the premier division.  I now intend to reverse that decision and leave the Bees in Div 1.  We will have six teams in the premier division and seven in Div 1.

- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
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