South West Boys Training


All sessions are being held at Riverside Leisure Centre in Exeter from 11am to 4pm


NEED           1 pair of trainers/gym shoes (without black soles), socks, shorts (black/Dark Blue), training/warm up shirt, knee pads, water bottle/s

COST           £8 per session

Cheques to be made payable to South West Volleyball Association.

See all South West Volleyball news, pictures and future dates on the website at

I give permission for my son to attend the Regional Training  



Tel No:                                 Mobile:

Please advise medical details ie Asthma: 

I do/do not give permission for my child’s picture/name to appear on any Publicity (i.e Website, 3 Touch magazine etc) 

Signed:                                                  Parent/Guardian

Forward to email address


Weekends 2011/2012
15th October 2011

19th November 2011

17th December 2011


15th April 2012 - Exeter Challenge competition

5th-7th May - Inter Regionals being held at Kettering

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