WVA Constitution




1.1   The name of the association shall be known as the Wiltshire Volleyball Association (WVA), herein after known as “the Association”.

1.2   The area administered by the association shall be within the Wiltshire County boundaries.  However, clubs and organisations from outside the Wiltshire County boundaries may apply to become a member of the Association.




2.1   To promote and encourage the game of Volleyball generally and to initiate, support and co-operate with others in proposals and activities designed to assist in the promotion of Volleyball England’s objectives, including increased participation amongst young, elite, disabled and recreational Volleyball players.

2.2   To develop and provide resources to enhance Volleyball in the Association's area.

2.3   To provide technical, administration, publicity and financial support to affiliated clubs, players and other organisations linked with Volleyball.

2.4   To provide support from the sports governing body and local authorities.

2.5  To promote and organise, or assist in promoting and organizing Volleyball meetings, events, championships and other competitive and recreational events in the Association’s area




3.1   Membership of the Association shall be granted to Clubs, Schools, Colleges, other Organisations, individuals and honorary life members provided they are affiliated to Volleyball England and abide by the WVA Constitution, Association, Competition and League Rules.




4.1   The Executive Officers of the Association shall consist of any of the following, having been elected at the most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM): Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Ladies Development Officer, Junior Development Officer, Publicity Officer, Schools Liaison Officer, Mavericks Liaison Officer, Area Development Officers, League Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Welfare Officer or any other officer elected at the most recent AGM.       

4.2   Executive Officers shall be elected at the AGM.

4.3   All Officers shall retire at the AGM but shall be eligible for re-election.

4.4   Election of Officers shall only take place at the AGM unless there are special circumstances when

the Executive may elect a member of the association to fill a vacant or new office until the next AGM.




5.1   The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive and Members Committee (sometimes referred to as the WVA Executive), for which purpose they may exercise all the powers of the Association, i.e. the power to carry out any lawful activity in the furtherance of its objectives including the levying of membership fees.  The Executive and Members Committee shall consist of the following: -

5.1a The Executive Officers listed in 4.1.

5.1b One representative from each affiliated Club, School, College or Organisation.

5.2   All Executive Members except the Chair shall have one vote but in the event of a tied vote the Chair may exercise a casting vote.

5.3   The Executive and Members Committee shall meet as frequently as required for the efficient conduct of the Association and in any case not less than twice a year.

5.4   The Executive and Members Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary,

Special, Disputes, Appeals or Disciplinary Meeting should the need arise.





5.5   A quorum of three Executive Members including a minimum of two Executive Officers shall be required to transact the business of the Association.

5.6   The Executive and Members Committee has the right to suspend or expel from the association any member who infringes the WVA Constitution, Association, Competition and League Rules.

5.7   Attendance at all General Meetings is compulsory; one representative from each affiliated club must attend.




6.1   The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association shall take place in June of each year.

6.2   Notice of the AGM shall be sent by the Secretary (or other WVA Executive Officer nominated by the Secretary) to all members at least 21 days in advance.

6.3   Any business to be brought before the AGM shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary or nominee no later than 14 days in advance of the meeting.

6.4   Amendments to the WVA Constitution may only be made at the AGM.

6.5   The meeting shall receive reports from all Executive Officers of the Association, i.e. the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer etc

6.6   The meeting shall elect Executive Officers for the forthcoming 12 months.

6.7   Each WVA member present at the meeting shall have one vote (including Executive and Members Committee members).  Votes shall be cast by a show of hands.  In the event of a tied vote, the Chair may exercise a casting vote.

6.8   The AGM shall have the power to alter the WVA Constitution provided that two thirds of those present vote in favour.

6.9   If there is less than a quorum of three Executive Officers present at the meeting then there can be NO VOTE to alter the constitution.

6.10  Attendance at the AGM is compulsory; one representative from each affiliated club must attend.




7.1   The Association’s funds shall be lodged in an account with an established Bank or Building Society.

7.2   Cheques and instructions for payments should be signed by the Treasurer, and other Executive Officers as deemed necessary to enable the business of the Association to be carried out efficiently.

7.3   Any annual subscriptions and other annual payment amounts shall be decided at the AGM.  Other incidental payments or subscriptions not notified at the AGM must be agreed by a quorum of three Executive Officers including the Treasurer and Chair.

7.4   An accounts statement shall be submitted by the Treasurer to the AGM and other General Meetings as requested by the Executive Committee.

7.5   In the event of dissolution of the Association the funds remaining shall be lodged with the South West Volleyball Association until such time as the Association is reformed.

7.6   Other assets of the Association including equipment shall be donated to the South West

Volleyball Association.

7.7   In the event of dissolution of the Association, no member shall receive any asset from the Association.

7.8   Each WVA member Club, School, College or Organisation, is responsible through its committee or management organisation for its own finances, and for ensuring individual member fees and other fees are collected and administered correctly in a financially sound manner.  Individuals transferring between WVA clubs during a season, or moving from one club to another between seasons, must have paid all fees due to the club they are transferring or moving from, before the transfer can be registered by the WVA League Secretary.




8.1   The Association shall have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member

who has infringed the WVA Constitution, Association, Competition or League Rules.

8.2   In all cases of expulsion, the member concerned has the right to appeal in writing to the WVA

        Chair within 7days of being notified of expulsion.

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