DK Cup 2009/10
    Round 1     Quarter Final     Semi Final     Final
    Play by 20 Dec     Play by 28 Feb     Play by 28 Mar   Played 19th-30th April
Team   Name                
1 Home                  
2 Away Calne Comets   QF1            
        Home Calne Comets 3        
3 Home Calne Meteorites  0 Away Wootton Bassett Bees 0        
4 Away Wootton Bassett Bees  3       SF1      
              Home Calne Comets    
5 Home Salisbury Druids  3       Away Salisbury Druids    
6 Away Aquae Sulis Apollos  1 QF2            
        Home Salisbury Druids          
7 Home Salisbury Pagans  3 Away Salisbury Pagans         Final 
8 Away Devizes Half Pint  0             Salisbury Druids
                    Wootton Bassett Aces 25/16, 25/19, 26/24
9 Home Olympiad A   QF3            
10 Away Devizes Barrels   Home Olympiad A          
        Away Devizes 6X          
11 Home Melksham VBC         SF2      
12 Away Devizes 6X         Home Devizes 6X    
              Away Wootton Bassett Aces    
13 Home Calne Asteroids   QF4            
14 Away Wootton Bassett Aces   Home Wootton Bassett Aces          
        Away Salisbury Warlocks          
15 Home Salisbury Warlocks                
16 Away                  



The organizer will book and confirm the date and venue for the final.

Round 1 - random draw, no seeding
Subsequent rounds follow format above

All games must be played by the due date - teams failing to make satisfactory arrangements will be expelled
Format allows teams to predict potential home matches and reserve dates/venues in advance (now!)

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