The Dave Kinder Cup

The Dave Kinder Cup was setup mainly because clubs felt that they wanted an extra competition involving all WVA Clubs competing at the same level. A Knockout Cup was felt to be appropriate, bearing in mind demands on limited resources within Clubs in regards to court/time availability costs.

The cup is named after Dave Kinder in recognition of the Association's Leagues former founder, who's dedicated development work made the Association the way it is today , in which we are all proud of. 

Competition Format

Teams are drawn to play against each other once on a straight forward knockout basis.

Matches should ideally be played at a neutral venue and the match is the best of 5 sets.

The Winner's go through to the next round.

Each team gets an equal chance to win as all teams play at the same level of competition throughout, therefore anything could happen as to the result. Surprises, shocks and upset's are all possible when the minnows take on the 'BIG' teams !!! 


The current holders are Devizes 6X

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