Help Requested

I don't have any reason to be much involved with the SW stuff.  So this page is almost certainly doomed to be permanently out of date.  I'd be REALLY KEEN to pass control of this page to someone who knows what's going on and can make it valuable to those who need to know.

Drop me an email - webmaster at wva dot org dot uk.

South West Region Diary Dates

SW Region Dates for the Diary
Sunday 17/08/2008 SW Beach Championships, Exmouth
Saturday 04/10/2008 SW Region Exec Mtng
Sunday 05/10/2008 SW Veterans Tournament, Hutton Moor
Sunday 19/10/2008 Level 1 Coaching course, Taunton
Sunday 26/10/2008 Level 1 Coaching course, Taunton
Saturday 07/02/2009 SW Region Exec Mtng
Saturday 09/05/2009 SW Senior Championships, Plymouth
Sunday 10/05/2009 SW Senior Championships, Plymouth
Saturday 06/06/2009 SW Region AGM

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