Hi Everyone! Just thought I'd let you all know who I am and what I'm doing on here! This is me, Sarah Newstead, and I am attempting to run the WVA Ladies and Juniors league over the 2009-2010 season. Matt Stevens (pictured- in the pub as usual!) will also be helping me out. I am manager of and will be playing for Salisbury Bluestones. 

Hopefully we will all be able to play lots of volleyball this year and use this league as a match training ground for the juniors in our clubs.

Final Standings

The format this season was timed games, playing sets up to 25 points. 2 points were awarded for each set won and 1 point for leading in an unfinished set.

Results after all four fixtures:





Won Lost Complete sets won Unfinished sets won Total points League position
Salisbury    14   9   5        14          9    37        1
Wootton Bassett    14  11   3        11          8    30        2
Devizes    14   7   7         8          5    21        3
Bath     5   4   1         2          3     7        4
Calne    6   1   5         1          2     4        5
Melksham 1    8   1   7         1          1     3        6
Melksham 2    5   0   5         0          1     1        7


Congratulations to Salisbury for winning the league and to Wootton Bassett for coming runners-up!

Thank you to all the teams who played in the league over the 2009/2010 season - well played everyone!

See you next season!



Normal EVA rules apply with the following:


  1. The competition is open to all female and junior boys (under 15) provided they are all registered with WVA teams


  1. Teams participating MUST belong to a registered club of WVA


  1. All matches will be played on a normal round robin basis where possible.


  1. Normal substitution and time outs are allowed


  1. Points will be awarded as follows:
    1. Two points for each complete set won
    2. One point awarded for a partial set lead


  1. All officiating teams must provide the minimum:
    1. 1st referee
    2. 2nd referee
    3. 1 x scorer
    4. 2 x line judges



  1. Signed results sheets must be handed in by the winning team captain to the organisers (Matt Stevens (Devizes) or Sarah Newstead (Salisbury)


Enjoy the competition and I’m sure you will all enter into the spirit of the game. The referee’s decision is final so please respect it!


Cups and medals for winners and Runners up will be presented on completion of all league fixtures.




Dates for your diaries
  • Sunday 25th October 2009 - FIXTURE PLAYED
  • Saturday 28th November 2009 - FIXTURE PLAYED
  • Saturday 12th December 2009 (Including Ladies Christmas Cup) - FIXTURE PLAYED
  • Sunday 14th February 2010  - FIXTURE PLAYED
  • Sunday 28th March 2010    - FIXTURE PLAYED


                           ALL FIXTURES NOW COMPLETED 





Winners 2009/2010 - Salisbury

Runners-up 2009/2010 -  Wootton Bassett



Esther, Rachel, Abi, Amy, Georgie, Edi, Jodie


Wootton Bassett and Bath

Mai, Nayara, Susana, Kathryn, Andrew, Donna


Salisbury Bluestones


Karen, Carly, Lynsay, Emma, Kathy, Sarah

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