Held at Salisbury Auction/ Livestock Centre/ Market

Wednesday, 7th March 2012 at 19:40


1.      Present

Cliff Ball                                  Chair                                       Calne

Paul Rainey                            Secretary                                Olympiad

Sarah Newstead                     Ladies Development               Devizes

Matt Stevens                           Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Steve Spurlock                       Vice Chair                               Aquae Sulis

John Postance                                                                        Salisbury

Jorg Steimer                                                                           Wootton Bassett


2.      Apologies

Richard Howells                      Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Serena Morten                        Treasurer                                Calne

Jenny Boorman                      Child Protection Officer          Calne

Neil Bentley                                                                             Calne

Hans Kaashoek                                                                      Devizes

Matt Morten                                                                            Calne


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

a.      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 2nd November 2011.


4.      Matters Arising

a.      Matt Stevens to liaise with Richard Howells for a diary for clubs.  Club calendars will only be linked if the club specifically requests it as there are already web pages on other sites e.g. SWVA

Action – Richard Howells to add link to SWVA website.

b.      Rules (registration) – All clubs must be affiliated to VE before playing.  Ladies and Juniors must be registered/ or register for a team on the day.

c.      It was suggested that a junior tournament could be held and people are keen to do one, but nothing has been organised yet.  A schools game could be organised if teams/ schools are interested.

d.      Away teams trying to approve their results when the home team has not entered them will have their bonus points re-applied manually as long as the away team has informed the league secretary before the end of the 2 week window.

Action – Clubs to consider if the results approval should  generate bonus points, points deducted if not approved or no points.

e.      Insurance – It was suggested that a copy of the group insurance policy be attached to the minutes of the meeting as an appendix.  As the file is a pdf, appendix c will be a separate attachment in the email.

Action – Cliff Ball to get Richard Howells to put a link on the WVA website with reference to version and date.


5.      Treasurers Report

a.      The Account currently has just over £3500

b.      1 club is required to pay registrations

c.      Some money is due to come out of the account due to trophies (~£200).


6.    Child Welfare Officers Report

a.      I have replied to an e-mail from Chris Warren from Olympiad and confirmed that they can use my name as CWO for the interum but advised that someone needs to be co-opted within their own club asap.  This highlights the need for clubs to have their own Volleyball England CRB checked CWO in the event that 'visitors' or potential juniors attend.


The current CWO names I have are (not all VE CRB'd):

Aquae Sulis

Calne                           Helen Norvall

Devizes                       Esther Schmidt

Melksham                   ?Su Brennan


Salisbury                     Karen Locke

Wootton Bassett          Kathryn Broadhurst


b.      This leads onto the need for CRBs to be carried out by Volleyball England regardless of how many others you may have from other organisations (I had 5 at one time!).  It is a free check, you only pay postage; (perhaps your club might reimburse?!) so there should really be no excuse!

c.      No reported welfare incidents.  No reported issues.


7.      WVA Mixed League Progress

a.      The league appears to be running well towards the end of the season.

b.      Play off final to be arranged as soon as 2nd from bottom Prem Div and 2nd from top Div 1 are known.


8.      Ladies & Junior League

a.      Report in appendix a.

b.      There was a suggestion to do 1 more event (maybe joint with the end of season tournament).

c.      If Salisbury schools are interested in entering, this could be done under the Salisbury club banner. (CRB checks for club/ helpers would be needed).

d.      Everyone thanked Sarah for all her hard work in running the league.


9.      Competitions

a.      Dave Kinder Cup – The second round matches were played in good time in January making it possible to do the draw for the semi-finals early which had the draw:
Salisbury Druids v. Melksham and Wootton Bassett Aces v. Devizes 6X.
None of the matches have taken place yet due to a few problems in agreeing dates. The main sticking point being Wootton Bassett asking to postpone their match because it had been arranged for the same evening as a rearranged match against Calne. The next available date was 29 April.

b.      End-of-Season Tournament - There was a mix up over dates and I am trying to rearrange bookings to hold the tournament at Christie Miller on 16th June due to South West tournaments being held on 12/ 13 May as well as 19/ 20 May.

c.      Presentation Evening - to be tied in with the above.



10.   Junior Development

a.      Devizes U18 girls played Wessex and Ashcombe with one 12 and one 13 year old.  They lost against Wessex by 2 points (also lost against Ashcombe).  Both teams ended up in the semi-finals.

b.      A couple of U15 boys from Swindon (with Kelly Jones as the coach) are going for selection.

c.      There has been a lot of success with individual juniors and across all clubs with active junior teams including Devizes, Melksham, Calne and Swindon.

d.      John Postance is looking to set up junior schools involvement in Sth of the County and may visit Calne for instance for practical advice.


11.   Mavericks Ladies

No news.


12.   Mavericks Men

a.      Won all games so far except for one against Torex.

b.      Looking good for winning the league.


13.   Club Round Up

a.      Aquae Sulis – Training is going well on the Monday evenings.  There are normally 12 to 16 people turning up and the club are looking to enter the end of season tournament.

b.      Olympiad – Training going OK and enjoying the matches.  There are still a couple of players out with injuries but hopefully they will be back soon.

c.      Calne – Training on a Friday night from 8 to 10 has around 18 people turn up.  The juniors from 7 to 8 have about 15.  The Club is looking healthy and is trying to get the Volley 123 award.

d.      Trowbridge – The club has been looking to play some matches but they seem to be cancelled.

e.      Devizes – The club is going to get a net to go the length of the hall so that 3 badminton courts can be set up for juniors.  There are normally 15 to 20 juniors.  2 girls have been selected for U16 south squad (Jasmine Kaashoek and Edith Waterman).  Currently trying to organise a date for the Dave Kinder cup with Jorg.  The club has lost 1 player and may loose 2 or 3 adults next season.  4 players are training with the national league team at Bath.  The club was also approached by Devizes council about the Olympic relay and setting up a display in July to promote volleyball.  Leasa Williams from Olympiad has a set of Mavericks kit.

Action – A member of the Olympiad to contact Leasa to try and retrieve the Mavericks kit.

f.       Salisbury – The club finances are now doing OK as are the 3 teams in the mixed leagues and the 1 team in the Ladies and Juniors.  There are enough players registered but it’s not easy getting everyone together at the same time.  The club is trying to get a presence in the local schools and could do with some advice.  The Salisbury tournament is on again in August and they have invited all clubs to enter.  There is a hope to run a junior tournament at the same time but would like advice on how this could be run.  A suggestion was to make it U15 and played on badminton courts.  Anyone interested in helping to run the juniors should contact John

g.      Melksham – Not present.

h.      Erlestoke – Not present.

i.        Wootton Bassett – The club is doing well in both leagues but there are some difficulties with training 3 teams (e.g. a ladies training was sacrificed for a cup match).  There was some confusion on the training/ match nights due to discrepancies between the WVA website information and that on the WB website.  Ladies have a dedicated training session whereas the mixed league teams have to share the training sessions. The first team and the ladies team are doing well and the second team is also doing OK.


14.   AOB

a.      Swindon Juniors – Generally going well and have entered the ladies & juniors and south west junior tournaments.  Cliff Ball is going to coach a session.  There is a possibility of forming a Swindon senior club.

b.      Insurance Policy – Players must be affiliated to be covered.

c.      Beach Volleyball – Irwin Aiken was voted in as the beach development officer (proposed John Postance, seconded Matt Stevens).  Irwin will produce details of proposed 'summer' beach events and competitions and will email clubs (probably will include 2 and 4 a-side leagues and a junior tournament).

d.      Salisbury mentioned that Pav is now playing again after broken arm and thanks everyone for their thoughts and wishes.

e.      Currently the fining of clubs has not happened for non-attendance to meetings. It was suggested that loss of league point would be more of an incentive.  The only issue with this is if a club has more than 1 team in the leagues.  A suggestion for getting people involved was to have a Skype session active for those not able to get to the meeting (WIFI dependant).  Devizes was also suggested as a location as this seems to be more central.

Action – Cliff Ball to ask clubs what would be a good punitive action to get clubs turning up to meetings.


15.   Date of Next Meeting

Date of AGM to be advised.  Meeting to be held in Devizes.




Appendix A.

Ladies and Juniors Report

Four fixtures have now been played this season – October, November, January and February. The last fixture played in February saw 5 teams in attendance which is a record for this season. Kelly Jones brought along her Wiltshire Maverick Swindon boys team, who played really well. I thought that it was a great day of volleyball and everyone enjoyed themselves.

With the extra team in attendance we are now breaking even with regards to our finances, which is great news.

The next fixture is this Saturday, however as yet I have not had any teams confirmed to attend. Fingers crossed they enter before the closing date (today!).



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