Held at Calne Leisure Centre, Calne

Wednesday 10th September 2014 at 19:00


1.      Present:

Cliff opened the meeting and thanked those in attendance:

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                                   Calne Comets

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                            Calne Comets

Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary and

                                    Junior Development Officer               Calne Comets

Matthew Stevens        League Secretary                               Devizes

Irwin Aiken                  Beach Development Officer              RW Bassett

Jenny Boorman          Welfare Officer                                   Calne Comets

Lorna Friis                                                                               Olympiad


2.    Apologies:

John Postance            Vice-Chair                                           Salisbury

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development Officer              Devizes

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                            Olympiad

Steve Grimes              NVL Team Mgr                                   Devizes

James Morten             South-West Team Mgr                       Calne Comets

Su Brennan                                                                             Salisbury

John Bird                                                                                 Salisbury

David James                                                                           Erlestoke

Phil Heads                                                                               RW Bassett

Mark Grigg                                                                              RW Bassett





Swinton Engineers (Tidworth) NB:  New club unaware of meeting therefore no fine.


3.      Minutes of Previous Meeting:

    1. Minutes of General Meeting Wednesday 5th March 2014 accepted as a true account.
    2. Minutes of Annual General Meeting Wed 4th June 2014.  Cliff amended location to read “Netherhampton Market, Salisbury” and updated.  AGM Minutes actions reviewed (Minutes to be acceped as a true account at 2015 AGM).  NB please note that Welfare Officer title should omit pre-fix “Child”


4.      Matters Arising:

a.    From WVA Gen mtg 5th March 2014:

5a        There has not been any further information regarding insurance cover or disclaimers for local beach events.

ACTION – Irwin to chase once again.

5b        Neil has now (wef AGM 2014) been elected as Junior Development Officer.

5c        Irwin noted that the difficulty in making a bid for funding (£10k is available from Sport England) is dependent on catering for new players and their development.  .

ACTION – Cliff to follow up at a ‘Swindon Sports Forum’ meeting to be held shortly.

5d        Volleyballs have still not been returned from Kelly Jones/Swindon.

ACTION – Cliff to discuss with KJ.

    1. From WVA AGM 4th June 2014:

4e        There are some clubs who need to confirm the contact details of their Welfare Officer to Jenny.

ACTION – Jenny to chase!

4i         Reminder that all ladies and juniors (including boys Year 11 and under) are encouraged to turn up to tournaments even if unable to field a full team.

ACTION – Clubs to encourage players to contact Sarah if they would like to attend.

7a        Committee/constitutional documents are to be placed onto the website; outstanding item.

ACTION – Cliff to action!

7b        Erlestoke are to pay own affiliation this season.  NB An important reminder that all clubs need to be affiliated each season to Volleyball England.

7g        Bonus point discussion actioned and to be revisited in March.

ACTION – Matt to discuss with Richard Howells possible options regarding website interactions.


5.      Executive Officers Reports:

a.    Chair – Cliff Ball:

A report was recently submitted for the SWVA and this was used as the basis for the Chair’s report including - WVA Exec committee details; it was reported that 7 clubs were to begin this season in the Premier Division and 7 teams (now 8) in Division 1; L & J lge is also continuing to take place this season plus all competitions.

b.    Vice Chair – John Postance - No report was submitted.

c.    Treasurer – Serena Morten

                              i.        Score pads were available for distribution.

                             ii.        To date there had not been any applications for reimbursement contribution towards referees’ or coaches’ qualifications (see AGM 2014; item 4.d.iv.).

                            iii.        Serena has advised Clubs of payments due for this season; well done and thank you to Devizes and Erlestoke!  Cliff is to liaise with Serena regarding affiliation payment for the Mavericks.

                           iv.        See appendix A for report – to be attached.

d.    Club Welfare – Jenny Boorman

                              i.        DBS checks (replace CRB) are a new name for the same check; coaches, referees, and other volunteers should be checked via a request/paperwork from Volleyball England and be renewed every three years – please note that DBS paperwork from other organisations are not currently acceptable by Volleyball England. 

                             ii.        Current Club Welfare Officers are:

Calne – Tom Morten

Devizes – Sarah Newstead

Erlestoke – N/A via David James U18 not permitted onto premises)

Olympiad – Steve ?

RWB – Kathryn Broadhurst

Salisbury – Karen Locke

ACTION – Jenny to chase confirmation of Club welfare officers and their own and current members’ statuses regarding holders of CRB/DBS.

e.    WVA League – Matt Stevens

                              i.        League fixtures have been sent out (yesterday):  There are 21 days to check for any errors/clashes/venue issues etc.  Final list will be sent out beginning October.

ACTION – All Club contacts PLEASE check and reply comment if necessary.

                             ii.        Swinton Engineers (Tidworth) are unable to play on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Matt queried if there was any objection to travelling to Tidworth for both home and away matches; double headers may be an option.  There were no objections from representatives present.  The only issue to be sorted was Tidworth v Erlestoke.

                            iii.        A reminder that all players are required to be registered; if teams have a fluid membership this may be reviewed on an individual club basis at a later date.

                           iv.        A note for Dave Kinder fixtures that there are only 5 free Sundays!

f.     Ladies and Juniors League – Sarah Newstead (presented by Matt Stevens in Sarah Newstead’s absence)

                              i.        Fixtures have been decided with the first being in October.  February date is likely to be changed.

                             ii.        Open to all ladies and juniors:  Males are welcome as long as Year 11 or under! 

ACTION – All clubs to promote!

g.    Competitions – Neil Bentley (on behalf of Calne Comets)

                              i.        Pre-season Tournament:  Only two teams entered; but Olympiad and Calne will continue to meet to play a 5-set match rather than cancel at such short notice.  (Teams reduced due to Cardiff tournament clash!)

                             ii.        Dave Kinder Cup:  Final possibly April 25th.  Entries are shortly to be requested.  Matches will be decided on a draw format following each round.

                            iii.        End of Season Tournament/Presentation Evening:  Considering 16th May.

h.    Junior Development – Neil Bentley

                              i.        It is proposed to continue junior training sessions around the Ladies and Junior fixtures; with a request to clubs to provide a coach for one session.

ACTION – All clubs to consider and contact Neil

                             ii.        Neil queried whether the WVA might subsidise the National Championship cost of £35; but will first obtain player availability and then post team entry.  The point was also raised of hosting or helping during the preliminary or 1st round.  No decision was made at this time.

ACTION – Neil to enter team for National Championships

i.      Beach Development – Irwin Aiken

                              i.        Disappointing summer for beach development; Irwin was personally unable to devote the time he had wanted towards one local fixture per month.  Matt reminded all that the e-mail contact list was available for advertising/reminding players of such events.

                             ii.        The South Coast had also had a poor year with a shortage of beach events being held.

                            iii.        Irwin paid from the ‘beach kitty’ a donation to Derryhill Football Club.

ACTION – Neil to forward donation (£10).

j.      Mavericks Mens & Ladies

                              i.        NVL - Steve Grimes (Devizes):  Cliff reported that training was underway and NVL team has been entered.

ACTION – Cliff to affiliate Wiltshire Mavericks Club

                             ii.        SWL - James Morten-Scott (Calne Comets):  James currently injured, and also some clashes of fixtures to be resolved.

                            iii.        Bath Mavericks Ladies – Matt Stevens:  Training sessions have moved to Bath Sports Centre from 7.30-9.30 on Monday evenings.  The last two training sessions have been very well attended.


6.    WVA Club Summary Reports:

a.    Salisbury – Cliff passed on report:

                              i.        Committee:  John Bird (Chair), John Postance (Vice), Liz Sorrell (Sec), Karen Locke (Treas).

                             ii.        Please note that when parking while attending Salisbury fixtures, take valuables out of car as there have been known to be car break-ins in the area.

b.    Calne Comets – Neil reported that the committee remained the same with training on Fridays and matches on Sundays.  Three teams had been entered this season however may struggle for players.

c.    Royal Wootton Bassett – Irwin reported that the first 3-hour training session had occurred on Sunday.  Current issue to attempt re-building and development of teams within current training/match timetable.  Continuing to support Ladies and Juniors.  Open invite for ladies to join SW Ladies training!

d.    Olympiad – Lorna reported that the committee remained the same and two teams have been entered into the league.  Still struggle to encourage juniors, however, Trowbridge team continue to train/register with Chippenham club.

e.    Devizes – Matt reported that John Dowell is Chair; Steve Grimes is 1st Team contact; Matt Stevens is 2nd team and James Moxom is 3rd team contact.

The first training session saw a majority of players aged 15-17; some of whom the club might lose to NVL training.  Teams entered Cardiff tournament this weekend.

Matt is promoting the Lavington after-school club on Fridays.

Special mention and congratulations to Yasmin Kaashoek (16yrs old) who following the world beach championships in Mexico, was seeded 9th.

Also following the School Games last weekend, the ‘Golden Ball’ was awarded to 6 Devizes players (each got a golden ball) for being the ‘best 6 players’ in the tournament! 

Note - Many thanks go to Matt, from the WVA, for bringing these youngsters into the game and developing them through the system.

f.     Erlestoke – provided no report.


7.    AOB:

a.  WVA Subsidies – Coach & Referees Courses

(See previous mention:  5Cii)  Reminder that £20 is available for each newly qualified referee (up to 3 claims per club) once they have refereed 2 WVA league matches.

b.  Referees Course – Sat 27th Sep 2014 – Richard Morten

Currently have 10 attendees; really need 14.  Venue:  Lavington School.  Cost:  £50

ACTION – Clubs cascade to individuals and please contact Richard M.

c.  Rules Revision (Post AGM)

Rule 7c – regarding league points has been amended to from 5 to 7 days; rule 11k also requires amendment to read 7 days instead of 5.

ACTION – Cliff to amend and resend.

d.  Reminder Affiliations

All clubs and teams are required to be affiliated to Volleyball England

ACTION – Teams please ensure that affiliation is obtained!

e.  WVA Issues Etiquette

A reminder is raised for politeness and decorum when raising any issues for discussion; especially regarding decisions that have already been made.  There is an appeals procedure which does not include open, aggressive communications; this enables an objective committee to arbitrate.

No other business was raised.


8.    Date of Next WVA General Meeting:  Tuesday 2nd December 2014 @1900.  Venue The Three Crowns Public House, Chippenham

ACTION – Lorna to contact The Three Crowns in Chippenham.

Meeting closed 21:15

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