Held at The Morten Residence, Calne

Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 19:00

1.      Meeting Open

Cliff Ball thanked everyone at the meeting for turning up and the Mortens for hosting the evening.


2.      Present

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                                   Calne  

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                            Calne

Neil Bentley                 Competitions Secretary                      Calne

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                            Olympiad

Matthew Stevens        League Secretary                               Devizes

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development                           Devizes

Richard Howells                                                                     R.W.Bassett

John Postance            Vice-Chair                                           Salisbury

David James                                                                           Erlestoke


3.    Apologies

Steve Grimes              NVL team                                            Devizes

Irwin Aiken                  Beach Development                           R.W.Bassett

Tom Morten                                                                            Calne

James Morten             South-West Team                               Calne

Matt Morten                                                                            Calne

Jenny Boorman          Child Welfare Officer                          Calne

Brendan Palmer                                                                      Salisbury





4.      Minutes of Previous Meeting

a.      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the previous Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 4th December 2013

ACTION –   Paul Rainey to update the venue of last meeting from Devizes to Calne Leisure Centre.


5.      Matters Arising

a.    Beach Development Officer was to look at insurance cover at events.  It was suggested that people sign a disclosure to say they play at own risk.

ACTION – Irwin Aiken contacted Volleyball England about insurance at events but has not had a response.

b.    Junior Development.  Matt Stevens has organised some training for Juniors but Cliff Ball has not had much success with finding someone to take on the role of Junior Development Officer.  Matt has taken on this role temporarily in an unofficial capacity.

ACTION – A nomination for the role of Junior Development Officer is needed for the AGM.

ACTION – Cliff Ball to contact all clubs for continuation of junior training and tournament organisation.  Matt Stevens to provide club contacts to Neil Bentley.  It was suggested that a tournament be organised after the current calendar of events have been completed.

c.    Irwin Aiken mentioned that there is funding available for equipment and facilities.  £10k is available from Sport England.  The applicants would have to show there is regular training and competitions with at least 14 players.  It was asked if this could be done as an association.  Currently Sport England are targeting14/16 - 24 year olds.

ACTION – Irwin Aiken to pass on info regarding funding.


ACTION – Cliff Ball to talk to Kelly Jones regarding the folding of the Swindon team and return of the balls provided by the WVA.

e.    In the league report it was requested that teams use the player registration numbers and they should be on the scoresheet or supplied with the scoresheet as this helps with the player short approval.  It is in the rules that this should be provided.  As the new scoresheets do not have room for registration numbers it was suggested that the rules are changed so that teams provide a team sheet with registration numbers.

ACTION – Cliff Ball to look at the wording of the rule change.

f.     Fixtures must be played by a fixed date.  If a match cannot be played by this date, the team that cancelled the original match will lose the fixture.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to provided the date on the fixtures list supplied to each club and has also put this information on the website.


6.      Executive Officers Reports

a.    Vice Chair Report - Since taking on the role of Vice Chair, work has taken them away a bit.  If the chair/ committee require assistance the vice chair will help where possible.

b.    Treasurers Report.

                              i.        See appendix A for report.

                             ii.        Serena was thanked for her efforts as treasurer.

                            iii.        It was commented that the finances are healthy.

                           iv.        A number of comments have been made regarding standard fees.  It was suggested that a limit could be introduced limiting the number of juniors that have to be paid for, but are still registered with the WVA.  This in turn brought on a short discussion regarding fees in general.

ACTION – Review club/ player fees at AGM.  This could be that the club fee increases and the player registration abolished.

c.    Child Welfare Report.

                              i.        There have been no incidents to report regarding child safety since the previous meeting and no action to be taken.

                             ii.        There have not been any notifications from clubs changing their CWO.

d.    WVA League Report.

                              i.        See Appendix B for report.

                             ii.        Everyone thanked Matt for his efforts in running the league.

                            iii.        There have been a number of issues with matches that need to be re-arranged.  Matt will give clubs 2 weeks, from the date of sending out an email, for clubs to supply agreed revised fixtures prior to the end of season before the club at fault will lose the points for the match in accordance to the WVA rules.

ACTION – Matt Stevens to send email to all clubs with outstanding league issues.

                           iv.        There was a discussion regarding the supply of the scoresheet to the league secretary.  It was agreed that the home team would either email a scanned copy of the top copy of the scoresheet or send it through the post.

                            v.        It was also talked about that it could be the home teams responsibility to place the scoresheet online and a penalty point is awarded if this is not done.

                           vi.        Matt asked if all clubs would indicate how many teams they would put into the league next year to allow the structure to organised.  All clubs present indicated that they would have the same number of teams entering next season as they did this season.  There was a vote regarding how to even the number of teams in the 2 leagues.

a.    1 team down and 2 teams up.

b.    1 team goes up and the bottom team in the premier league has a play-off against the 2nd team in division 1.

It was agreed that option B would be used this year and that the current WVA rules would not change as this is a 1 off adjustment.

e.    Ladies and Juniors Report.

                              i.        See appendix C for report.

f.     Competitions Report.

Neil Bentley reported on behalf of Calne –

                              i.        Dave Kinder Cup is at the semi final stage but neither of the matches have been played.  R.W. Bassett vs Devizes is to be played 9/3 and the Trowbridge vs. Calne is to be played 24/3 (to be confirmed).

If Calne win and are in the final, it was suggested that an independent ref is used.  John Postance would be available if required.

                             ii.        The End of Season Tournament and Presentation evening is to be held 10/5/14.

a.    The presentation evening is likely to be at the Pilot Inn but has not been booked yet.

ACTION – Richard Morten to look at venues for the End of Season (including Tidworth - John Postance to advise) and also look into the cost of a barn dance.

b.    It was asked if Bath Ladies could play in the EoS Tournament.  Pre Season Tournament does not have the same restrictions as the EoS (WVA rules).  It was suggested, that as the number of teams entering have not been that high in the previous few years, teams that are associated with Wiltshire Volleyball could be allowed to enter this year (to be discussed on a year by year basis).  A vote was taken to see if Bath Mavericks Ladies and R.W. Bassett SW Ladies would be allowed to enter the EoS Tournament this year.

There were 8 votes in favour of allowing the teams associated with Wiltshire Volleyball to enter.  These teams would however have to be fully registered with the WVA.

c.    It was suggested that raffle tickets are made available as soon as possible to try and get as many people to come to the presentation evening as possible and sell more tickets.

                            iii.        Pre-Season Tournament is likely to be 14/9/14.

ACTION – All Clubs to put 14/9/14 in diaries for the Pre-Season Tournament.

g.    Junior Development

                              i.        Players are coming to the training sessions that are being run after the Ladies and Junior Tournaments.

                             ii.        Juniors from both Calne and R.W. Bassett have been going to the mini's.

                            iii.        R.W. Bassett's Aerial Grigg made it into the SW juniors U14 squad.

                           iv.        There has been a lack of entries into the Grand Prix with only 2 teams entered from Calne into the U13 boys and girls - Ben Ball and Kasper Wozniak won, Harriot Bentley and Kelly Miller played in the U13

ACTION – All Clubs to email Matt Stevens with any Junior news.

h.    Beach Development

                              i.        Fixtures and Flyers will be generated soon.

i.      Mavericks

                              i.        The Men's National League team are currently 2nd in the league with 4 matches left to play.  The team has a good chance of staying 2nd.

                             ii.        The Men's South West League team are currently mid table after winning their last 4 matches (were bottom).  The team has a number of young players who are coming on nicely.  Thanks goes to James Morten for coaching the team even though he was injured.

                            iii.        The Ladies National League team (Bath Mavericks) have played 6 and won 5.  The last fixtures are on 6/4.  Some of the home fixtures have up to 20 spectators.  Numbers are not too great but finances are OK for this season (will need to look at them again for next season).

ACTION – Matt Stevens to look if the name can be changed to Bath Wiltshire Mavericks for next season.

7.      Club Round Up

a.    Devizes - Lavington school is being pedantic with the hiring rules.  Teams that are using the hall need to be cautious with the state the hall is left in as the bookings maybe removed if the hall is not left spotless.  Currently there are not too many 1st team members going to training as they are going to the Mavericks training the day before instead.

b.    Calne - Stable and going well.  League results are not as good as cthey could be/ would like.  Junior numbers are not as high as would like them to be (12 ish) and some are coming from other clubs.

c.    Olympiad - Club is going well with normally at least 12 at training each week and a few new players have turned up. The club has bought a new kit, aerials, scoreboard and match ball.

d.    Royal Wootton Bassett - Training is popular and the club is struggling to find enough hours to give everyone enough training.  This issue is made worse as the matches are played on the training nights.  Juniors and Ladies are doing well.

e.    Erlestoke - Tough trying to rearrange matches, but having lots of training sessions.  Matches can be 10am or 1pm on either Saturday or Sunday.  There have been some computer issues but are trying to do what they can.

f.     Salisbury - Tournament is on 9 - 10 August with camping from 8th.  The 6's competition is likely to go on a bit longer but there will also be a 2's competition.  Trying to do a junior session with an extra hour of training but so far only 2 have turned up.  This is now giving 3 hours of normal training for the adults.  Finaces are OK this year but will have to evaluate for next year.  Should be able to have 3 teams next season.  Coaches are trying to get into schools (including visiting the schools) but none have taken them up.

g.    Trowbridge - Are still running as a social club on a Saturday but the players that want to play competitively in the league have joined Olympiad.

h.    Wellington provided no report.


8.      AOB

a.    Prior to the meeting it was discussed that the association would pay need to pay £150 to help with the server upgrade and management costs.  Richard Howells was happy to continue to host the WVA website and supply accounts to people that need to add information to the site.  Neil Bentley asked if there would be a guarantee that the issues seen over the last 3 months would be solved.  Richard said he couldn't make any guarantees but suggested that it would be fine. 

                              i.        A vote was taken as to the WVA paying £150 for the upgrade of memory in the virtual server from 1.7Gb to 3GB.  The vote was 8 for, 1 against.  The WVA will pay for the upgrade.

b.    Erlestoke, Wellington and Trowbridge clubs have not affiliated with the EVA.  It was mentioned that Trowbridge are now associated with the Olympiad and should be registered accordingly (or as a separate club).

c.    There have been 2 appeals to note: 

                              i.        Wellington appealed against a ruling regarding playing unregistered players.  A response was provided but nothing happened - appeal quashed.

                             ii.        There was a ruling regarding the use of the player up/ down rule regarding a 2nd team with only 5 players playing a 1st team player before a 3rd team player.  On discussion it was agreed that the rules were not broken.

d.    A number of trophies were returned so that they can be given out at the presentation evening.

ACTION – Cliff Ball to generate a list of trophies that are still to be returned.

9.      Date of Next Meeting –Tuesday 3rd June 2014

10.   Meeting closed 21:30

11.   Appendix A

WVA Treasurers Report

Appendix B

WVA League Report

From Emails:

Firstly thank you all for making the WVA Mixed League run relatively smoothly this season. With one new club entering, one team dropping out early in the season and two new teams joining it has been quite a busy schedule for some and quite a few fixture updates have happened at the start. Club contacts have been communicative in general and I have only had to rule on 2 matches so far (let’s keep it this way please!!)


Things are hotting up in each league both at the top and bottom of the leagues.


Now for the moan I am afraid!


With just over 2 months before the end of the season we have some issues that are concerning me:

Premier League:

·         Currently there are Wootton Bassett matches that either need to be entered online or their away match needs approving.

·         Olympiad need to approve one match (still just within the 7 days for the bonus point!)

·         I have not received one scoresheet yet from a match played over a week ago (Wootton Bassett A) – This club will be fined as per the rules – this will be their 2nd fine of the season for not providing the scoresheets within 5-7 days of the match.

1st Division

·         There are over 7 matches in this division that have not been entered online as of yet and have been played – some as far back as November 2013.

o   I have still yet to have any scoresheets from Wellington entered online or approved by them for the entire season. I am awaiting the scoresheets to be sent to me as well so I can eventually approve the results online.

o   Salisbury Warlocks  need to enter F53 (17th Nov) (I have received an email from Jon about this and will be replying separately) -  A club fine will be coming your way I am afraid as per the rules

o   Calne Meteorites need to enter F14 (24th Nov) and send me the scoresheet -  A club fine will be coming your way I am afraid as per the rules

o   Calne Meteorites need to approve F20 (9th Dec)

o   Salisbury Pagans need to enter F56 (15th Dec)

o   Earlestoke House need to enter F28  (2nd Feb) and send me the scoresheet -  A club fine will be coming your way I am afraid as per the rules

o   Earlestoke House need to enter F9  (14th Feb) and send me the scoresheet ASAP before another fine comes your way J


Can I remind everyone that if you do not enter the score online within 7 days of the fixture your team will lose the bonus point on offer. The same applies to the away team. Looking at the league table this may actually effect promotions and relegations this season.


As a general observation in some instances scoresheets are still not being entered correctly online – Player of the matches and officials data are not being added correctly, with one team yet to actually submit a correct entry as of yet!! Certain clubs are more guilty then others. This does cause me additional work.


It takes me quite a bit of time administrating the WVA League and ensuring everything online is correct. If you within your clubs could address the above issues before the WVA meeting in 2-3 weeks it would be appreciated and I will give another update at the meeting. We need to ensure come mid-April everything is in order so if we need a playoff I do not need to chase clubs for outstanding scoresheets and online results.


I hope it’s not too much to ask each club to ensure their respective results are entered online. It would make the WVA league secretaries job a lot easier and clubs would avoid fines.


All except for Wellington I have heard back from in regards to the outstanding issues in the WVA leagues. So thank you.


As mentioned and agreed at the last weeks WVA meeting I am now giving everyone two weeks from now to re-arrange any outstanding fixture and inform me of the new date by the 23rd March. If no new date is agreed and confirmed with me by this date I will be awarding the match in favour of the team who didn’t originally attend the fixture and further sanctions may be imposed. I am extremely concerned that some matches dating back to over 4 months ago have not been entered online and I have no idea what the results were.


Below is an update on where we stand with the leagues at the moment:

Premier Division:

·         Wootton Bassett Bees still haven’t entered match P20 from 9th Feb (bonus point lost) – Please do this ASAP -  I haven’t even had a reply back to why this hasn’t happened yet.

·         Wootton Bassett Bees still haven’t approved match P18 from 23rd Jan (bonus point lost) -  if not approved in the next two weeks I will accept what has been entered as correct.

·         Wootton Bassett Bees still haven’t approved match P18 from 16th Feb (bonus point lost) -  if not approved in the next two weeks I will accept what has been entered as correct.


Other than these issues with Wootton Bassett Bees the Premier division is all up to date. Thank you.

1st Division:

There are a number of games and issues that still are outstanding in the 1st Division:




The Wellington Academy


Devizes Firkins


 Still awaiting Wellington to add the result online




Olympiad B


Calne Meteorites


Awaiting Calne to approve result – bonus point lost




The Wellington Academy


Devizes Barrels


Still awaiting Wellington to add the result online – bonus point lost




The Wellington Academy


Olympiad B


Still awaiting Wellington to add the result online and send scoresheet over to me – bonus point lost and fined




Erlestoke House


Salisbury Warlocks

Double Header

Awaiting for new date as Salisbury pulled out and ErleStoke want to re-arrange




Calne Meteorites


Salisbury Pagans


Awaiting a decision from Calne to whether they want to claim the match or re-arrange






Olympiad B


Awaiting for new date as Erlestoke(?) pulled out and both want to re-arrange




Olympiad B


The Wellington Academy


Apparently Wellington did not turn up to the match. I was not informed of this until the WVA meeting – awaiting to hear from Olympiad to what action they would like to take


If I have missed any issues out, or if these issues have already been resolved and I am incorrect please let me know!


A reminder to all clubs that if for whatever reason a match is not played on the scheduled date, the league secretary needs to be informed from both clubs within 7 days to why the fixture was not played. It may be that the team who did not attend will need to pay expenses to their opponents. So far a couple matches have not happened and I have been unaware!


Promotions / Relegations / Playoffs

As discussed at the WVA meeting next season it is looking likely we will need to re-balance the leagues. As a result the plan I proposed and was agreed at the WVA meeting last week is to promote 1 team automatically from the 1st Division to the Premier. The bottom team of the Premier Division will also play off against the 2nd place team in the 1st Division for the right to play in next seasons Premier division.


No league matches can be arranged after the 30th April and the playoff date is booked for the 1st May at Lavington school at 20:00. Please make sure your players are aware of this if you are in with a chance of being involved in the playoff. This date will not be moved so if you cannot get a team out you will automatically forfeit the playoff.


Enjoy the rest of the season.





Appendix C


WVA Committee meeting – 5th March 2014

 WVA Ladies and Juniors League Report


To date 6 fixtures have been played from October to March, which includes the Christmas Cup (which was actually played in December this year!). Attendance has been between 3 and 5 teams at the fixtures. The standard of play has improved throughout the season of a higher level than in the last few years.

If possible I would like to see more teams/players entering in the future especially from Wellington academy and Olympiad, who have juniors in their clubs.

I would like to thank everyone who attends the fixtures and keeps the league going. Thanks also to Matt for arranging the venue and helping me out during the fixtures.

League table as 3rd March 2014:


Matches Played

Matches Won

Matches Lost

Complete Sets Won

Incomplete Sets Won

Total Points

League Position

Devizes A
















Royal Wootton Bassett
















Devizes B
























































Sarah Newstead

Ladies development Officer


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