Held at Calne Sports Centre, Calne
Wednesday, 29th June 2011 at 19:00
Start of meeting 19:15
1.    Present and Apologies
a.    Present
Cliff Ball
Wootton Bassett
Paul Rainey
Serena Morten
Sarah Newstead
Ladies Development
Matt Stevens
Junior Development (Girls)
Su Brennand
Junior Development (Boys)
Jenny Boorman
Child Protection Officer
John Postance
Neil Bentley
Steve Spurlock
Aquae Sulis
Jorg Steimer
Wootton Bassett
Matt Morten
Helen Norrvall
Mike Wedekind
Aquae Sulis
b.    Apologies
Richard Howells          League Secretary                   Wootton Bassett
John Bird                                                                     Salisbury
Hans Kaashoek                                                          Devizes
Steve Grimes                                                              Devizes
John Boorman                                                                        Calne
Richard Morten                                                           Calne
2.    Minutes of previous meeting
Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 6th April 2011.
3.    Matters arising
a.    A.O.B.
                                1.    Cliff Ball will send out 1 more email to try and get the remaining trophies in. ACTION – Trophies to be returned to Cliff Ball
                                2.    ACTION – Cliff Ball to buy new trophies if some are still missing (unanimous agreement).
b.    WVA Rules/ Constitution
                                1.    ACTION – Cliff Ball to send out the amended constitution and rules before AGM, in order that the amended documents can be voted on at AGM.
4.    WVA Executive Committee Reports
a.    Chair
                                1.    See attached file or separate report
                                2.    It was also noted that a number of people in the WVA are involved in volleyball with the Olympics. Richard Morten, Serena Morten, Martin Shakespeare, Andy Smith, John Postance and Sarah Newstead.
b.    Secretary
                                1.    See attached file or separate report
c.    Treasurers
                                1.    A balance sheet was provided for the latest accounts.
                                2.    There is a discrepancy in the payments from Salisbury.
ACTION – Serena to re-supply payments and list of registered members.
d.    Child Welfare
                                1.    No incidences have been reported since last meeting making the role easy.
                                2.    Everyone agreed that it has gone well this year with good support and guidance especially with the CRB checks.
e.    Mixed League
                                1.    See attached file or separate report
f.     Competitions
                                1.    See attached file or separate report
                                2.    Everyone thanked Matt for running the competitions on behalf of Devizes.
                                3.    It was asked if the end of season tournament was too late and hence fewer teams entered. It was also noted that if a team can’t get a full team then they can’t get through to the knock out stage of the competition.
                                4.    Devizes are standing down from running the competitions next year and suggested that a club run it rather than an individual.
g.    Junior Girls
                                1.    Jodie Amor and Robin Sayers have received an Under 21 England cap at the age of 16.
                                2.    Jodie was at the opening of the new ASDA in Melksham as the sports person of the year.
h.    Junior Boys
                                1.    Luke Wiltshire was responsible for assembling an under 18 team who just missed out by 1 set to get into the semi finals. The team was made up of 5 players from Devizes and 6 players from Team Southampton
                                2.    Under 15 and 17 say no entries from Wiltshire into the UK regionals.
                                3.    Some players have been chosen for the south west training camp.
                                4.    Joe Waterman played Libero for New Forest and will be playing for Wessex while away at University.
                                5.    Alex Jenkins is going to Loughborough. He is looking to coach next year but may be at City of Bristol.
                                6.    Beach season has started.
                                7.    Kelly Jones is running an under 12 tournament at Dorcan school, first weekend of July.
                                8.    If there are any juniors that want to play in under 15 – under 18 from any club, let either Matt Stevens or Su Brennand know.
i.      Ladies
                                1.    Thanks go to everyone for a great season.
                                2.    It is a fabulous forum for developing juniors and having fun.
5.    Club Round Up
a.    Olympiad – Numbers are still not too good. Playing on a Monday night in John Coles Park at 7pm. Looking to put 1 team into the league next year.
b.    Devizes – Successful season with winning majority of competitions. The teams have developed well over the year. Losing 2/3 of the player next season due to university and jobs (20 of 35 going). Will be able to put 1 team in the leagues but hopefully 2. Need some new players to cope with 2 teams in the league. Some issues with Sunday matches due to junior competitions. The after school club is going well with 10 – 15 members. The second team had enough points to stay up but the club would not be able to cope with 2 teams in the premier division. Training stopped in April.
c.    Salisbury – Very successful year with winning the premier league and division 1 and the 3rd team holding their own. Definitely having 1 team in the leagues next year but trying to get 3 teams. Playing outside now for the summer and start back inside in September. Have lost some players but are actively trying to recruit by using web as well as other ways. 2 schools are being coached for 1 hour per week for 14 – 16 years and are in talks with other schools. The other schools are keen but time and funding are the limiting factors. Tournament 20th – 21st August and costs £75 - £85 per team. Thanks from John Postance for the coach of the year award.
d.    Melksham – AGM held on 14th June and all of the committee was voted in. Juniors are OK on a Tuesday 7-8 but seniors will be on Sunday 8-10 as will be matches. Will have 1 team in the league but maybe more. 2 players did a ref course with a couple more wanting to do one and 3 players want to do a coaching course (is there a junior coaching course?).
e.    Wootton Bassett – It has been a difficult season due to the fire and had to re-arrange matches. Thank you to those clubs for helping out. Have lost a few players but still hope to have 2 teams next season in the WVA and a ladies south west team. Cliff Ball, vice chair, is leaving the club. The club want to wish him all the best. Play has started outside and had a tournament where 3 teams played. It was a fun day for the players and the families.
f.     Calne – Last season saw the numbers down slightly but all 3 teams achieved what they had hoped. Organised to go to tournaments through the season. Junior girls didn’t do too well but the boys did. Doing some promotional events: - Outdoor, Calne carnival. Had some interest for new players both junior and senior. Will have 2 teams next season but may have 3.
g.    Aquae Sulis – Had a roller coaster year with more downs than ups. Numbers at training 6 – 25. Ok for training next year but £80 per night for the hall on a Tuesday. Stopped for the summer but AGM will be in 2 weeks. Unsure of if the club can enter a team next year but want to still be affiliated with the WVA.
h.    Mavericks Ladies – really successful this year and got 2nd in the league.  Got through to the play offs but lost 2 matches and did not go up. Training had 10 – 12 players. Will be in Div 3 West next year but as the team did not go up a number of players may leave. Have notified EVA but trying to recruit more players.
i.      Mavericks Men – Have entered a team into the south west league for next season. There are players from most of the clubs in the WVA who would like to play. If there is any interest let Matt Morten know. Steve Grimes will be coach but no fixed training night. It is suggested that the team could guest at different clubs training nights and play matches.
j.      New Clubs – MOD Corsham are interested in playing in the league. Currently they cannot enter the league as the posts are not fixed to the floor. Fixings can be arranged through Sportset and would cost something like £70 to get it done. Devizes have 8 sets of posts that could be bought (1/2 price)
Erlestock prison is interested in re-entering a team into the WVA. All matches would have to be played at the prison and no under 18’s will be allowed. This may be an issue for division 1 due to the high number of juniors. As this is the case, it was suggested that they enter the premier league. If this is the case they will only be allowed to enter the premier division if it is not detrimental to any club. A vote was taken in principle for Erlestock to enter the league and there were no objections.
6.    Rules Review - It was agreed that the updated rules were correct except for rule 3J part 2 where a change is required.  There was a unanimous vote for the update and the rules.
ACTION – Paul Rainey to update rule and supply prior to start of the new season.
7.    Constitution - The amended constitution was voted in unanimously.
8.    Election Of Officers
All elections were passed unanimously
a.    Chair                                                                     Cliff Ball
b.    Vice Chair                                                             Steve Spurlock
c.    Secretary                                                              Paul Rainey
d.    Treasurer (last year of holding position)              Serena Morten
e.    Child Welfare Officer                                            Jenny Boorman
f.     League Secretary                                                 Richard Howells
g.    Competitions Secretary                                        Neil Bentley (Calne VC)
h.    Junior Girls Development Officer                                    Matt Stevens
i.      Junior Boys Development Officer                                    Sue Brennand
j.      Ladies Development Officer                                Sarah Newstead
k.    Marketing and Publicity Officer                            Vacant - open for vote during season
ACTION – Check for nominees at the next meeting
9.    AOB
a.    Paul Rainey – Asked what the fees would be for next year - Unanimous vote for £30 for the team, £3.50 per player and £2.50 for juniors.
b.    Jenny Boorman – Asked if there could be a calendar on the WVA website for all things that clubs do.
c.    Matt Stevens (Devizes club) – It was noticed that the mixed league seemed to have a lot more matches after the Christmas break than before. It was suggested that the fixture should be evenly spread throughout the season or slightly loaded towards the beginning. It was discussed that the season should ideally start 2nd week in September with entries supplied 1st week in August.
d.    Jorg Steimer – It was commented that it would be good to have more people at the end of season presentation evening. It was agreed last season that the evening would be a Sunday. Jorg suggested that it may be more popular if it was held on a Saturday and that raffle tickets go out before the day to try and sell more.
ACTION – Discuss when/ which day the EOS presentation evening should be.
e.    Mike Wedekind – Trowbridge is interested in volleyball. There are up to 20 people interested and are potentially looking at entering a team into the WVA. Mike and Steve will go to a meeting to try and “sell” volleyball. It was asked if there is a WVA “Welcome Pack”.
10. The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 21:45.
11. Appendix
a.    League Secretary’s Report 2010/11
This Season - The Leagues ran reasonably smoothly this season. We were somewhat later than usual starting this season. We had more fixtures than usual adjusted after the initial announcement. It turned out that I had misunderstood some teams’ requests – although it is doubtful that I could have met all of them anyway.
The electronic league reporting system worked very well from my point of view. The clubs entered into the spirit of the system. There have been a couple of score sheets that never made it to me, there have been a few instances where I have had to remind teams to enter results or check them.
The home team is credited with a bonus point for entering the result and the away team with a bonus point for checking it – the overall intent is that results are entered promptly and that the load on the league secretary is shared. Currently the bonus process is manual. I have allowed a lot of leeway this season and very few of those bonus points were lost.
Some statistics – In the premier division there were 42 matches and 5,302 points awarded. In Div 1 there were 42 matches and 5,153 points awarded.
Next Season Proposals - RH would like to re-introduce the use of player registration numbers and REQUIRE their use on the score sheets. This is what we claim we do in Rule 3a. It does not happen. In the time I have played in Wiltshire I have not seen registration numbers used on score sheets. I want to introduce them because:
1.    It will help remind Captains/Coaches that they need to register players before matches.
2.    It will assist in identifying players where a player’s name is illegible; wrongly spelled or ambiguous
I would like to apply the timing rules for entering/checking score sheets more strictly. If I can find time to do the programming work I would like the system to send out automatic emails when results are awaiting checking. I’d also like it to apply win bonuses and enter/check bonuses automatically.
I am happy to continue as League Secretary if elected - Richard Howells
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