Held at Mortem Residence, Calne

Tuesday, 30th November 2010 at 19:40

Start of meeting 19:40

1.    Present

Cliff Ball                      Chair                                       Wootton Bassett

Paul Rainey                Secretary                                Olympiad

Serena Morten            Treasurer                                Calne

Richard Howells          Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Matt Stevens               Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Neil Bentley                                                                 Calne

Jenny Boorman          Child Protection Officer          Calne

Hans Kaashoek                                                          Devizes

John Bird                                                                     Salisbury

Steve Spurlock                                                           Aquae Sulis

2.    Apologies

Sarah Newstead         Ladies Development               Devizes

Su Brennand               Junior Development (Boys)    Melksham

Jorg Steimer                                                               Wootton Bassett

Paul Goddard                                                              Aquae Sulis

3.    Minutes of previous meeting

Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the meeting held on 6 September 2010.

4.    Matters arising

a.    Mixed league

                                1.    It was agreed that there would be a guide generated to enter results on the website (

ACTION – Richard Howells to generate guide.

                                2.    It was agreed that player registration must still be done 24 hours prior to playing the match.  Registration to be done via a phone call or email (text message is not classed as a method of registration).

ACTION – Richard Howells to re-distribute club contacts.

b.    A.O.B.

                                1.    ACTION – Treasurer to continue investigation of SWVA reimbursement of good will money.

                                2.    Cliff Ball requested that the “Role of honour” should be updated.  Cliff has some details but not all.

ACTION – Trophy list to be obtained from Irwin

ACTION – Trophies to be returned to Cliff Ball

                                3.    ACTION – WVA website to have a link to the EVA rules.

c.    Child protection officer

                                1.    ACTION - Clubs to inform Jenny Boorman who their CWO is.

1.    Aquae Sulis

2.    Olympiad

                                2.    ACTION – A basic guide to volleyball club child welfare to be put on the WVA website. – IN PROGRESS

                                3.    ACTION – Matt to inform Jenny of course dates in Wiltshire so they can be put on the WVA website.

5.    Treasurers Update

a.    It was mentioned that both Melksham and Aquae Sulis are still to pay registration.

ACTION – Melksham and Aquae Sulis to pay registration fees.

b.    The cost of trophies for the season normally is around £150 - £250 so this has to be considered in the outgoings as does the cost of the end of season tournament etc. which can potentially be up to £500

6.    Child Welfare Update

a.    There have been no incidences regarding child welfare within the Wiltshire Volleyball Association reported.

b.    Salisbury have requested a hard copy of the child welfare documentation to be provided to the club.

ACTION – Provide Salisbury club with a hard copy of the child welfare documentation.

c.    A child welfare officer should be nominated for each club that has junior players.  If an officer has not been organised then Jenny Boorman could be used (on request) as the contact until the club has organised an official.

ACTION – Melksham and Aquae Sulis to inform Jenny Boorman if they have a Child welfare officer.

d.    People at the meeting were informed that all club coaches should be CRB checked.

7.    Mixed League Update

a.    There was an initial misunderstanding of the fixture requirements for Calne and Devizes clubs which required the league fixtures to be shuffled prior to the start of the league.  The league is now up and running relatively smoothly the league secretary is generally happy with how things are going.

b.    The data entry onto the Website is slightly slow but seems to be working on the whole.  Bonus points for data entry are being added but this has not been fully automated yet.  A future development for the system will be that it will inform the away team that the home team have entered their results and is ready for checking.

c.    Any disagreements will be dealt with in a fair manner.

8.    Ladies and Junior League

a.    Report in appendix a.

b.    It was requested that if a club enters a team that they stick to their decision.  It is better to turn up with some players and then borrow some players rather than pull out and the fixtures having to be re-arranged.

c.    Costs of the competitions should be sent to the treasurer.

9.    Competitions

a.    Reports for Pre-Season Cup, Dave Kinder Cup and End of Season Tournament are in appendix b.

b.    Everyone agreed that Devizes has done a good job sorting out the Pre-Season Cup.

c.    Preferred day for the end of season tournament was Sunday.

ACTION – Competition secretary to write rules for the completion and bring them to the next meeting.

d.    Dave Kinder Cup second round to be completed by end of January.  The draw for the semi final to be drawn latest by the end of January.

ACTION – Cliff Ball and Richard Morten to check for old rules.

10.  Junior Development And Competitions

a.    Report for Junior Development is in appendix c.

11.  Mavericks Ladies

a.    Players from all clubs are welcome.

b.    Report for Junior Development is in appendix d.

12.  Club Round Up

a.    Olympiad – Season going OK with a couple of new players. Struggling a bit for officials due to having only 1 team.

b.    Calne – Number of players are slightly down but just OK to keep 3 teams going.

Finances have been restructured.

Cliff Ball has done some of the coaching of the training sessions. Members are enjoying the change.

Juniors are going well.

c.    Wootton Bassett – Playing with 2 teams in the Wiltshire leagues.  B team is struggling a bit due to the ladies playing South West League.

d.    Aquae Sulis – This season has been a bit of an upheaval due to quite a few players leaving.  Turning up with 6 new players at a match.

Committee is struggling but surviving.

4 new men in the club.

Players will hopefully get better with some stability in the club.

e.    Salisbury – Club has grown with 24 registered players and 10 – 12 unregistered.

Venue is an issue due to the numbers so looking at more coaches (need a training course) to split the training.

The club is in schools to bring on juniors and the new website helped as well.

Other clubs can use the sports hall if required most weekends if needed but it will be out of action from 23/12 – 3/2 due to exams.

The 2011 Salisbury Volleyball Tournament is on the weekend of 19th/20th/21st August.

The cost is £75 EVA affiliated; £85 non EVA affiliated team. Cost includes entry, camping, parking and disco for six people (£1 per extra person).

f.     Melksham – Having problems with numbers.

Training now moved to Tuesday night at the Christie Miller Sports Centre.

g.    Devizes – Lavington after school club on Fridays (aged 11 and 14) attendance now over 14.

Club junior sessions on Thursdays now have only 3 – 7 due to U16s moving up to the senior training.

Advertising has recruited 4 new adult players and the club is trying to encourage more.

South West men’s are going ok with 3 wins and 3 losses. The players are enjoying playing at this level and are progressing well.

Wiltshire league 1st team have played two matches and won both. A power cut during a match caused matches to be postponed.  The 2nd team have played one match against our 1st team and the 3rd team, comprising of mainly development juniors, have competed well in both matches they have played in.

Finding it hard to play matches on Sunday’s due to Mavericks Ladies, junior tournaments and SW fixtures.

13.  WVA Rules/ Constitution

a.    Need to look at rules and send out.

ACTION - Paul Rainey to send out rules via email (and forum) and get clubs to suggest changes.

b.    Elected officers need to have a look at the constitution.

14.  A.O.B.

a.    Devizes – Melksham turned up for a match with 5 players.  Requested a ruling from League Secretary.

ACTION – Richard Howells to rule within 1 week.  Clubs have the right to appeal.

b.    Salisbury

                                1.    Tim Kirton to be removed from the contact list and John Bird to be added.  Emails to certain team members needs to be limited.

                                2.    Suggestion of starting an “Area Cup” with Southampton and Portsmouth next season.  Recommendations accepted (Champions league, rounds or day event).

c.    Cliff Ball

                                1.    Any rulings or comments should not be personal as all of the organisers are volunteers.  Should there be a code of ethics in the rules?

                                2.    Upcoming referees course. – There are 9 places taken by clubs from WVA at £35 per person and suggested to pay £10 per currently registered WVA person.

Unanimous decision to pay the £10 per person.

d.    Dave Kinder Cup Ruling.

Salisbury Druids played Aquae Sulis in the cup but both teams played unregistered players.  The competitions secretary ruled that both teams should be disqualified as per the rules; “players must be registered no later than 24 hours prior to the start time of the scheduled fixture”.  Both teams appealed the decision.  During the discussion regarding the fixture it was agreed that the ruling by the competition secretary was correct but raised issues with the wording of the rules.  A number of scenarios were suggested for the outcome of the appeal and a vote by the executive committee was held.

                                        1.    Vote 1 – Both teams disqualified.

3 for, 3 against. Casting vote by Chairman was against disqualification.

                                        2.    Vote 2 – The result of the match played stands

0 for, 6 against.

                                        3.    Vote 3 – Match replayed before 22 December.  If the match can’t be arranged then both teams are disqualified.

6 for, 0 against.

15.  Next meeting to be held 16th February at the Hare and Hounds, Hare & Hounds Street, Devizes, SN10 1LZ.

16.  The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and meeting closed 22:45

17.  Appendices

a.    Ladies and Juniors League Secretary report 30th November 2010

Apologies for not being able to make this meeting, my coach said I wasn’t allowed to miss Wiltshire Mavericks training tonight!

The Ladies and Juniors league have had two fixtures so far, one in October and one in November. Both fixtures were reasonably well attended - although at both there were last minute adjustments needed with the schedule, as teams entered then pulled out at the last minute! This is really frustrating, as I have been organised by sending out schedules to all clubs, who have entered, before each fixture. I am hoping this is the last time it will happen!

I have been updating the ladies and juniors web page on the WVA website after each fixture so everyone should know how their club is doing!

However, I do think there is a need to develop more ladies and juniors within the WVA and encourage more players to attend.

The next fixture is the Christmas cup in a few weeks on 12th December. Thank you to all clubs who have attended for their support with this league.

Here is the current league table after the two fixtures:








Wootton Bassett






Sarah Newstead

Devizes Volleyball club

L&J secretary 2010

b.    Competitions



A good turnout for the pre-season tournament with 7 teams entering.

Matches were close in both pools and semi finals. The end results being Devizes 6X winning the Cup and Devizes Barrels winning the Shield

The number of teams entering was really encouraging for volleyball in Wiltshire

Dave Kinder Cup:

1st round taken place.

Devizes 6X beat W. Bassett Bees

Salisbury Druids beat Aquae Sulis

Calne A beat Calne B.

Quarter Final draw:

Calne A v Devizes 6X

Salisbury Druids v Devizes B

Melksham V Olympiad

Salisbury B V W. Bassett A

As of yet I have not been informed of any of these fixtures being arranged other than Salisbury Druids v Devizes B. Please can I remind teams that all matches will need to be played by the end of January.

Overall the competition has run smoothly, however I have seen some difficulties with teams not having any 'free' dates to arrange the fixture on. This has been compounded with a slightly later league start and some very hectic schedules for teams. Can I remind teams that other venues can be used not only each clubs home venue.

I would like to say that I can see why there is a lack of volunteers in Wiltshire. Devizes stepped forward to run the competitions this season when no other club was willing to at the WVA AGM (thanks to W. Bassett who have been competitions secretary for the last few years). As a result of this Devizes have put themselves in a position where they need to ensure the competitions run smoothly and fairly. If difficult decisions need to be made we will do so in accordance to the WVA rules that all clubs have signed up to when entering the competitions. We cannot be biased or make subjective rulings, but must follow the rules to be fair to all. If clubs are affected by this and feel aggrieved then it is within their right to lodge an appeal to be heard by the WVA Exec Committee. As a club my partner and I do not expect to receive emails stating that we or certain individuals are not welcome at events any more, due to these decisions. I would hope that we can deal with issues in a responsible and adult way in the future without being judgemental on any one club or individual. If this continues to be the case then I will seriously consider my role within the WVA. Devizes as a club does not want to annoy anyone or upset anyone in running these competitions, however in certain cases we will have to make decisions not everyone will be happy with for a variety of reasons.

End of Season:

We are looking at the 3rd weekend in May (14/15th May). No venue has been explored yet. Perhaps Tidworth / Christie Miller are possibilities.

c.    Junior Development


U18 Men:

Devizes have entered the U18 Men’s National Cup with Team Southampton as we do not have enough U18s in Wiltshire to compete as an individual team. The 1st round was on Sunday 21st November. The team won all two of their matches comprehensively and are through to the last 16 teams in the country. Players from Wiltshire:

George Sayers (Devizes)

Joe Waterman (Devizes)

Rob Cannings (Devizes)

Christian Grimes (Devizes)

Luke Wiltshire is coaching this team, thanks to Luke for doing this.

U16 Girls:

The Wiltshire Mavericks U16 girls received a bye in the 1st round due to them getting into the U15G semi finals last season. 2nd Round on the 9th January. The girls will be training on the 11th and 12th December in preparation for this.

South-West Grand Prix:

Melksham, Calne and Devizes have entered the two GPs this season. Results have been positive with all clubs winning and coming runners up in either the U12, U13 or U14 competitions.

d.    Mavericks Ladies

The women have competed well in the National League this season and currently sit top of the NVL Division 3 west having only lost one of seven matches. Experienced players like Kelly Jones and Cinzia Craighero, who both played in the top division last season have joined us. Hannah Tyre has also made a return and all three have boosted the team greatly. We have a nice blend of players with some very good U16s mixed in with some experienced players.

Tony Sullivan has come on board and is now helping me with training. His experience is already benefiting the team.

We are still looking for more players to join us at training on Tuesday nights at Christie Miller from 20:00-22:00.

The club would again like to thank the WVA for covering our league and registration fees for this season.

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